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The Challenge

Before investing further into their B2B eCommerce sites, Audax had a few challenges to overcome. They operated 6+ sites across different platforms, creating high maintenance costs and operational hurdles. The situation forced Audax to consider how they could quickly transform their digital presence with a new eCommerce platform and impress end-users with a more enjoyable customer experience.

Audax’s B2B clients encountered a troublesome, time-consuming shopping experience. The millions of products available across Audax’s sites created problems for busy retailers who got entangled in a patchwork of portals, ordering processes, and logins. With conflicting rules, the systems also caused difficulties for Audax’s back office, which sifted through the data to ensure customers received their products.

Audax B2B Mobile and Laptop
Audax B2B Commerce Solution Vaimo

The Solution

Improving B2B User Experience and Back-Office Efficiency

Reaching new heights requires a great team and outstanding tools, so Audax partnered with Vaimo and Adobe Commerce Cloud to build a group eCommerce platform. At the end of June 2021, Audax launched a single portal for their B2B customers which is fully personalised and tightly integrated into SAP and their PIM, giving customers one place to manage their orders. Moreover, Audax employees have one information source for all customers, saving time and increasing productivity.

Audax’s new solution is equipped with advanced features and integrations, most notably ​B2B Discounts ​and ​Extended Search​. ​Audax expects to increase order sizes, the number of products handled, all while experiencing immense operational savings and offering over five million products.

The Project Delivery

Audax entered the project with one crucial KPI: the speed of the site’s delivery. Immediately, Vaimo began their collaboration with Audax to learn their business requirements and processes, developing an Adobe Commerce site that met their needs for the future. Together, Vaimo and Audax took an agile approach and performed MVP1 and MVP2 phases simultaneously to ensure a fast launch. Sticking to the plan, Vaimo and Audax launched the new eCommerce site quickly and within budget.

The reason for us to choose Vaimo to develop our B2B platform was the professionalism of Vaimo to start the process. By involving both technical and business-oriented people from the start of the project, Vaimo defined Audax’s wishes and translated them into a technical design.

The worldwide coverage of Vaimo was also a plus for Audax that allowed them to deploy international knowledge through their local partners. Through the daily/weekly operational, monthly tactical and quarterly strategic meetings, we ensure that we are always aligned at every point in the process. Because of these clear agreements and a clear working structure, it is very pleasant to do business with Vaimo, and there is a beautiful B2B platform with which Audax can expand its digital activities.

Joery van Rooij, Digital Marketing Manager, Audax

The Future

Through a multi-phased development approach, Vaimo and Audax will continue to onboard and migrate existing sites into a single order portal with a shared basket, having each of the brands representing a product area. Together, Vaimo and Audax will improve the on-site user experience with enhanced site speed and a single login.

audax adobe commerce

Notable New Features & System Integrations:

  • Algolia Search (Audax’s full catalogue is over 7 million products)
  • Custom pricing and discounts
  • Product Lifecycle Logic
  • Quick Checkout by Gtin
  • Simplified Account – NoSQL
  • Manage Users, Roles, and Permissions on Company Level
  • Shipment Notifications
  • Log in as User – webshop requires a customer login created by Audax
  • Informatica PIM
  • Dell Boomi
  • One-step Checkout

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