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Building for the future

Blue City’s previous Magento 1 site had seen upgrade upon upgrade but was not performing at the level needed for desired growth. The electronics company wanted to migrate to Magento 2 in order to have a scalable, flexible and agile site. They needed a store that would be quick to launch and that would provide the solid foundations from which to easily add and amend products. Given that customers have the ability to buy from and sell to Blue City, a particular challenge lay in the non-standard product and store system that the company operates. Products can be purchased in various conditions and at differing prices across stores. This means that instead of general product headings, individual products are listed depending on condition and product specifications. Blue City thus needed a solution which would boil down this complex nature of products and stores into as close to a standard Magento framework as possible.

Vaimo Blue City
Blue City & Vaimo

Increase in total conversions

Increase in baskets with accessories added

Black Friday revenue increase

Comparing Aug 2018 to Dec 2018

The solution

Immediate and tangible results

Vaimo developed an intuitive and flexible site which handles the complexities of the Blue City business model. The improvements to product filtering, particularly, have enhanced the user experience on the site. Customers can now more easily select a product and its condition which has improved conversion levels. The new solution also allows Blue City to offer customers relevant product recommendations and complementary accessories at checkout and after purchase. This feature has proved particularly successful with sales of accessories for the month after launch exceeding that of the whole year beforehand. Key to the new site’s success is the two-way integration which handles the intricacy of having to track one specific product order to the correct store. And in line with Blue City’s requirements, the new solution now allows its employees to quickly and easy add and access product information.

“What I appreciate about working with Vaimo is that I have close and regular contact with the people actually working on the Blue City project. Due to these easy and strong lines of communication, we immediately hear of any updates and can exchange feedback to ensure the success of the project.”

Mikael Belstrup


Under budget and on time

With a scope from Blue City of 100 days, Vaimo delivered the new site in 97 days and below budget. Key to this result was Vaimo’s agile approach to development which allowed for rapid delivery of value. In the run-up to the project, three specification meetings took place between Blue City and the Vaimo team in order to solidify plans moving forward. Within this process, Vaimo mapped out how the website build would be approached and just prior to the launch ran a workshop which looked at each part of the proposed delivery.  And as the project has progressed, staff from Blue City and Vaimo have been in close communication to ensure that the site is running to its maximum potential.

Vaimo & BlueCity Magento eCommerce site
Vaimo & BlueCity Magento eCommerce site
Vaimo & BlueCity Magento eCommerce site

New eCommerce heights

Blue City’s immediate strategy is in expanding to new markets. Operating online in Denmark and Sweden, with physical stores across Denmark, the brand is now looking to open physical stores in Sweden before moving into the German eCommerce space in 2019. Another key part of Blue city’s growth plans involves developing the functionality to allow customers to sell products online (which is currently only possible in store). Not only will this expand the brand’s reach to areas where they currently have no physical presence, but it will also allow Blue City to issue incentives such as online gift certificates which can then be used to encourage further sales. And from a longer-term perspective, Blue City is looking to segway into the B2B sphere and offer buyers and sellers a new trader platform.

Vaimo & BlueCity Magento eCommerce site

Features implemented

  • Product integration with Blue City’s PIM system
  • Order handling integration with Blue City’s POS system
  • GDPR Module
  • Trustpilot
  • Mailchimp
  • Viabill
  • Giftcard Module
  • Clerk product recommendations

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