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SC Motors approached Vaimo regarding a revolutionary concept in Sweden’s automotive industry—selling and leasing cars online. The company wanted to make it as easy and smooth as possible to lease a car online, replicating the experience that a customer would receive in-store. And with a focus on a younger demographic target market for the Mitsubishi hybrid, SC Motors knew that it needed to move online to match its customers’ habits and requirements. Vaimo was tasked with creating an ecommerce solution where customers could visualize and configure a new car online.

Vaimo SC Motors
Vaimo Mitsubishi cars

The solution

Immersive experiences

Vaimo developed a modern and sleek ecommerce solution to fit the expectations of the modern-day consumer who demands omnichannel shopping experiences. The site places simplicity at its core with a carefully curated set of imagery and product descriptions doing the talking. Car customization options were also kept to a minimum so as not to overwhelm the user and interrupt their purchasing journeys. The result is an efficiently slim purchasing funnel: add your car to cart, choose your preferred dealer location, sign your purchase with BankID and, voilà, the purchase is complete and ready for pick up within 5 weeks.

“What’s also noticeable from the project is that more cars have also been leased through our offline stores since the online store was launched. So our online traffic has helped to improve both online and offline sales!”

Peter Andersson

General Manager, Business Development, SC Motors

A partnership for success

Given the project’s uniqueness in the industry, Vaimo and SC Motors worked in close collaboration throughout to ensure successful delivery of the sites. Vaimo implemented various automation tests during the lifecycle of the project to guarantee a smooth purchasing journey, without error. And thanks to Vaimo’s advanced filtering and use of swatches, customers now have a real-time view of their chosen product for the ultimate, immersive purchasing experience.

Vaimo SC Motors

Key features

Mageworx module integration

DNB leasing integration

Store locator module

Store locator functionality

Magento Native CMS

Car configurator

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