Multi-Brand Strategies: Branded House vs. House of Brands

If your business includes more than one brand, there are many considerations when building your sales and marketing strategy. But equally important is understanding the pillars of digital commerce in a multi-brand strategy. The best structure for your company depends on many factors: your target audience and your offering, for example. The main brand architectures …

March 12, 2024
image of clothes on a purple background with yellow Vaimo logo

Multi-brand strategy: Top trends and benefits in 2024

While companies like Meta, Coca-Cola, and P&G operate in different business categories, they have one characteristic in common—they are all large multi-brand companies. As the agility and accessibility to manufacturing keep increasing and go-to-market times continue decreasing thanks to new distribution models, a multi-brand strategy can be an attractive option to explore for all companies. …

January 16, 2024

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