The latest version of PHP delivers a truly revolutionary performance with breakneck speed and 50% better memory consumption that allows your website to get up and at ‘em without any extra hardware.

PHP 7, the modern engine that runs dynamic elements on a website, supports new ways of programming, new programming constructs, and can improve development productivity because of all the extra language features it’s packing.

The response time of any given request is much faster, with category pages taking about a quarter of the time to load compared to previous PHP versions. While other factors are involved, PHP 7 provides about twice the speed on Magento 2 and approximately 4 times the speed on Magento 1.

Major Impacts of PHP 7

  • Dramatic performance improvements
  • Reduced memory consumptions
  • Active maintenance & security fixing
  • The decrease in page load times means more traffic
  • Improved response time leading to a better conversion rate
  • Enhanced developer productivity
  • Up-to-date with new code means less time spent bending code to cooperate

Consider the following: if your webserver is spending a quarter of the usual time it takes serving pages, not only does it reach your customers faster, but the amount of requests that can be served at any given time is also increased.

Vaimo installs PHP 7 as part of Ubuntu 16.04 operating system within its hosting environment for clients. While PHP 7 increases performance and is standard on Magento 2, we’ve developed a module that adds compatibility with PHP 7 to Magento 1.

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