Meet Maryam Mansoor, a seasoned project manager who has worked in some of the telecom industry’s most dynamic and diverse environments. Maryam’s journey took her across Europe & Asia, where she managed complex projects, built teams, and delivered exceptional results.

Maryam started her career with Telenor, a Norwegian telecom service provider in Europe and Asia. She managed a channel of 300+ partners, 300,000+ retail stores, and a customer base of 16 million. She delivered 40+ medium to high-complexity projects with combined revenues of 1 million USD. Maryam then joined a subsidiary of Etisalat, where she managed strategic operational efficiency projects for two years that grew the revenue portfolio by 18%.

After a leap year spent in France to get acquainted with European culture and travel, she joined the special projects team of Motive, a $1.25B startup based out of San Francisco, USA. Maryam managed the vertical of product development and the company’s expansion in Pakistan, ramping up 475+ resources in only a few months. She joined Vaimo two years ago, when she moved to Dubai, UAE, with her family.

Managing diverse projects, clients, and family

Working with a diverse client portfolio is one of the best things about her job. Vaimo has clients in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Iraq, and UAE. One of Maryam’s current assignments is with Al Rajhi Bank, the world’s largest Islamic bank in Saudi Arabia.

“The most exciting part about this project is understanding the bank’s complex processes, working alongside many cross-functional teams, and getting acquainted with the Saudi work culture.”

When Maryam is not working, she loves to read. She usually has a book on her at all times. “Whenever I have a spare moment or need relaxation – I sit down, disassociate and read. It’s like therapy for me.” Maryam says that Vaimo provides an excellent work-life balance. She can work from the office or home, depending on her schedule. Because of this opportunity, Maryam finds her work-life balance amazing. In addition, she gets to experience a very conducive environment at the office, with dedicated meeting rooms and work zones to hold client meetings and interact with colleagues.

“I always say my career is my first child, my one-year-old son is my second, and thanks to Vaimo, I don’t have to pick one.” Like many new mothers, Maryam was at a crossroads of choosing between her career and motherhood. Vaimo provided the answer by offering a flexible work option where Maryam can work from the office or home, depending on her schedule. She can be there for her son when he wakes up from his nap or have an early dinner with her family.

Employee engagement and growth at Vaimo

Maryam loves working at Vaimo for two reasons: employee engagement and company growth potential. To attract and retain top-tier talent and satisfied clients, Vaimo adopted a bottom-up approach that focuses on creating highly engaged teams to ensure client success. This approach is a win-win for everyone.

Because Vaimo as a company embraces change, it has seen tremendous growth and expansion in recent years. In addition, Vaimo adopted a multi-platform strategy and expanded its offering from commerce to include content, data management, insights and analytics. For employees, this broadens professional opportunities and enhances skill sets.

image of Vaimoers at a new year's eve party

“The middle eastern country unit organizes frequent team sessions and team-building activities, which are super fun. My favorite was a year-end party in December 2022. Colleagues from around the middle east gathered for a memorable night in Dubai. We recapped the year, listened to our clients’ appreciation notes, and enjoyed food, dancing, and music.”

To say the least, Maryam’s career journey is impressive. Her passion for her career and family is admirable, and Maryam proves that one can achieve great things. Maryam’s journey at Vaimo is just the beginning; she is excited about the growth potential and professional opportunities that lay ahead.

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