Meet Noora Oksa, a talented digital marketer making waves at Vaimo Finland. Noora joined Vaimo as a Digital Marketing Manager, a position that allowed her to combine her love for ecommerce and digital marketing. With her hard work, dedication, and exceptional skills, Noora has recently been promoted to CRM & Content Lead, Vaimo Group, and will start on April 1 this year.

From Content Creator to CRM & Content Lead

After completing her Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing, Noora worked as a sales and marketing assistant in a software startup. However, her passion for inbound marketing soon led her to become a content creator at an inbound marketing agency.

“The company was very successful, but our team was quite small, so I quickly climbed up the ladder, first becoming an inbound strategist, a project manager, and then gradually moving from being a consultant to lead our in-house team as the Head of Marketing.”

After her days as an inbound consultant, she spent a few years at home with her small children. During that time Noora decided to fulfill her dream of building and running her own ecommerce business. She built two online stores, one that sold personalized posters and another that rented wedding decorations online. Although she enjoyed the journey, Noora missed being a part of a team and having people around to spar with. She felt like it was time to conquer some new challenges and when Vaimo was looking for a digital marketer in Finland, Noora jumped at the opportunity.

“Although I really enjoyed the journey of building and running my own online stores, I decided to pass the businesses on to make space for new dreams. I have a heart of a marketer, but I was not ready to totally let go of the world of ecommerce yet. So it was an amazing opportunity when Vaimo was looking for an in-house digital marketer in Finland.”

Inside Vaimo, her enthusiasm for quality content and marketing automation was recognized. After spending a full and delightful year as the digital marketer at Vaimo Finland, she was offered to transfer to the Vaimo Group team as a CRM & Content Lead.

“For years, I’ve been passionate about the whole of digital business and always further educating myself, so I yearn to be around other skilled and creative people for mutual inspiration. And that’s the best thing about being at Vaimo – the people. We have insanely talented experts in the marketing team and all the fields of ecommerce and digital experience, and so I get to learn so much every day.”

Balancing work and motherhood

When she’s not working, Noora spends time with her kids, works out at the gym in the office building, runs, does yoga, and reads and listens to books and podcasts.

“Work is very flexible, and as I have small kids, it was very comforting when I was welcomed to the company with 80% working time on my request. It makes it much easier to organize everyday life, and as the kids get older, I’m looking forward to working full-time as a Vaimoer.”

When ever Noora feels that she might be out of balance, she feels that she can count on her team, foreperson and people partners in the HR team to support and get her back on track.
“In Finland, the HR team has a habit of reminding people what to do if they feel overwhelmed, organizing active breaks with exercises, etc. It’s small things with big impact, how Vaimoers are supported to care for themselves.”

If you’re looking for a meaningful and challenging job with supportive colleagues and a positive work environment, Noora recommends working at Vaimo.

“A competitive salary and employee benefits don’t hurt. But after all, it’s these four things that make me happy to work at Vaimo. And these also happen to be the cornerstones of the culture locally at Vaimo Finland:

  • The best colleagues: skilled, inspiring, and caring people around you
  • Everybody has a growth mindset with a proactive and curious attitude
  • Meaningful work: we are solving real problems for real people – and enjoying while doing it
  • Safe work environment: positive, friendly, and praising atmosphere.”

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