Meet Begüm Yildirim — a Business Unit Manager at Vaimo Tallinn. From the moment she first interacted with the Vaimo team, she knew that this was the right company for her. Begüm was impressed by the team’s positive energy and encouraging nature. Thanks to her supportive team, moving from Istanbul to Tallinn and starting a new role at a new workplace felt seamless.

From electrical & electronics engineering to Business Unit Manager at Vaimo

Begüm’s career path was not linear. After graduating with a diploma in Electrical & Electronics Engineering, she worked as a software and network engineer for many years. Later, she realized that she wanted to be more involved in project and process management and took a chance by changing her career path.

“Drastically, I changed my career path to be more involved in business using my technical skills. I started working as a consultant in a leading management consulting firm, and it led me to my former company, where I started as a Global Project Manager. From that moment forward, I knew that this is my path,” she says.

Begüm’s passion for technology, people, and finding joy in everything has guided her career so far. She takes pride in finding the best solutions for her clients, solving their problems, and watching their businesses grow while they work with her team. What’s more, she finds it gratifying to watch team members start as interns and grow into senior positions within just a couple of years.

“Since childhood, I have always been super into problem-solving, making things efficient and reusable for anyone. I was studying two majors at the same time in university, so I had to use my resources, time, and budget efficiently, and without knowing it, I was my own Project Manager for many years. I only realized this once I started working as a PM, and these skills helped me find my path. I cannot ask for more now when I look back. But occasionally, I cannot stop telling myself, ‘wow, such a journey!’”

Balancing work and motherhood: Vaimo’s flexible working hours and gender equality policies

When she’s not working, Begüm spends most of her time with her one-year-old daughter, who she loves more than anything in the world. She learned that growing a human being and growing a business have more in common than she ever imagined.

“I used to like to do many things before I had my little girl, and now my hobbies and even my understanding of free time have changed for the better. I have a 1-year-old baby girl who is occupying the majority of my time, but also I am in love with this experience. I used to like reading books, and now I am reading different types of books to my girl, that remind me how simple life was once we were small. So definitely, it shook my whole world and smoothens my edges, and helped me use my time more efficiently. I am enjoying my new journey and the new me as a new mother.”

Vaimo supports work-life balance by providing its employees with flexible working hours. When Begüm was on maternity leave, she asked to return to work and was offered a part-time position that allowed her to manage her own workload and time. This arrangement helped her take care of her daughter while maintaining her career. She is grateful to work for a company that supports gender equality and provides the best solutions to support women’s ongoing careers.

“Vaimo is always trying to be the industry leader and putting a lot of effort into people and business to bring the company to that level. Also, you can see a lot of effort being put into increasing women’s presence in different roles, from development to executive roles. Regardless of where you come from, Vaimo is always supporting employing people from all around the world. We are chasing talent regardless of geography.”

Begüm Yildirim’s story inspires anyone looking to change careers. Her passion for technology, people, and finding joy in everything has guided her career so far, and her love for her daughter helped her realize the importance of balancing work and leisure. Vaimo is a company that supports work-life balance and gender equality, and it is committed to providing its employees with the best solutions to support their ongoing careers.

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