Meet Tea Grönborg –– a Backend Developer at Vaimo who left her longtime career in the hospitality industry and found her home at Vaimo.

Tea began her career in the hospitality industry. For ten years, she enjoyed working with people and meeting guests from all over the world. When the pandemic hit, the hotels were suddenly empty, and Tea felt the urge to learn something new. Someone close to Tea encouraged her to look into the tech industry, and she decided to study web development.

Discovering the tech industry and a new passion

During her studies, Tea found Vaimo and got the opportunity to intern at the company. She quickly knew she wanted to apply for a job once she graduated.

“Code-writing intrigued me because it was unfamiliar territory for me, and the daily work seemed to contain problem-solving, constant learning, improvement, and a logical approach to the work. During my studies, I found Vaimo, one of my two internships. The weeks spent here lead to a new career as a Backend Developer,” says Tea.

Tea was attracted to the thriving environment and the opportunity to continue to develop at a high pace. The challenging yet fun work environment allowed her to grow as a developer and a person. In addition, Tea appreciated the great support around her, which helped her continue her learning journey.

“The best thing about my job is that I constantly learn new things,” explains Tea. “I get to improve my skills by encountering new tasks that require me to broaden my knowledge. So I stay motivated in an environment where I get to grow, and this wouldn’t be possible without my colleagues who share their knowledge and what they have learned along the way.”

A supportive work environment: How Vaimo helped Tea Grönborg achieve work-life balance

Tea loves watching true crime documentaries and exercising at the gym when she is not working. It helps her disconnect and recharge for the next day.

For Tea, Vaimo creates a supportive environment that allows for a work-life balance. Vaimo’s hybrid work model allows for some flexibility in managing working hours, which gives Tea the freedom she needs with the responsibility that comes with it.

“I recommend working at Vaimo because the people around you want what is best for you and help you achieve your goals. I am fortunate to have great people around me who I consider mentors for furthering my knowledge and career. You get to work with the best in the business, and for a company in constant growth, they still make their employees their priority.”

Tea’s favorite memory at Vaimo was getting the call that she got the job. It was proof that her hard work and dedication during the last two years of school and her efforts while on the internship paid off. Tea was excited to join the team and knew she was now a Vaimoer, a great way to start the summer.

Tea’s journey with Vaimo proves that it’s always possible to acquire a new skill and find a new passion. With a supportive environment and great colleagues, Tea has found her home at Vaimo. She encourages others to consider Vaimo as an employer because of the people and the opportunities to learn and grow.

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