In our latest client case study, we take a closer at the digital commerce success delivered for South African B2B giant Agrinet.

Discover how Vaimo delivered a redesigned and fully-integrated Magento eCommerce site which has transformed Agrinet’s online presence for increased sales and traffic.

World-class B2B Ecommerce

Agrinet’s previous legacy platform had a number of limitations which were hampering the company’s growth. Firstly, the platform was not integrated with Agrinet’s ERP system, which meant that changes were being made manually, wasting valuable time in the process. The overall user experience was also suffering as Agrinet’s team was not able to promote its offering in a visually engaging way. Agrinet’s vision for the new site was to make it stand out as the first point of buying reference for customers in the industry—and to leverage innovative features and technologies to engage them across the whole purchasing journey.


Digital Transformation

Vaimo developed various customised and integrated functions which are collated on a client dashboard to improve the online B2B buyer experience. Clients now have their own pricing files and the site also benefits from stock status and out of stock indicators—all of which serve to give clients greater autonomy on the site. From an internal perspective, the new eCommerce solution caters for Agrinet’s two distribution locations and their associated products. The introduction of the new site has led to a 337% increase in sales and a 283% increase in new visitors (comparing Oct 2017—Jan 2018 against Oct 2018—Jan 2019).

Check out the full story to learn more about Agrinet’s journey to B2B eCommerce success!

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