Meet Oksana Diachenko, the Frontend Lead at Vaimo Benelux. Since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Oksana has been working from home in Kyiv, balancing work, power outages, and her passion for fantasy writing.

Oksana’s journey into IT was unexpected. After working as an accountant for two years, she realized it was not her calling. After her daughter was born, she began learning frontend technologies, and within two years, she landed her first job in the IT sector as a frontend developer.

“I realized that nothing is impossible when you have a strict goal and a strong desire to achieve it. All you need is hard work and faith in yourself,” says Oksana.

Finding a Second Family at Vaimo

Before joining Vaimo, Oksana had heard many good things about the company. “Vaimo is known as one of the top Magento partners, and almost every ecommerce solution developer I knew wanted to work at Vaimo,” she says.

After joining the team, Oksana found that Vaimo was more than just an employer – it became a second family. Throughout the tumultuous situation in Ukraine, Vaimo supported Oksana both financially and mentally, making her feel like she wasn’t alone during difficult times.

“Since joining Vaimo, I haven’t looked back. Here I see a lot of opportunities for growing and building my career. When the war started, Vaimo supported me so much, not only financially but also mentally. So I never felt that I was alone in this tragedy. And I always knew that Vaimo would be here with me whatever happened.”


image of people playing volleyball

One of Oksana’s favorite memories at Vaimo was during a business trip to Genk, where she was unexpectedly invited to a dinner and volleyball match with a client. Despite not being a fan of the sport, Oksana had a great time and made some unforgettable memories with her colleagues.

Opportunities for Growth and Career Advancement

One of the best things about working at Vaimo for Oksana is the opportunities it provides for growth and career advancement. As a frontend lead, Oksana can work remotely from anywhere. All she needs is a laptop and an internet connection. “This flexibility was especially important during the war in Ukraine, where I could work during difficult conditions, like power outages and air raid sirens,” she remembers. “My job has been a never-ending learning experience that takes me out of my comfort zone and lets me stay in tune with my passions.”

Time management is not Oksana’s strong suit, but she appreciates how Vaimo supports her well-being and doesn’t let her get exhausted from her job responsibilities. Her manager always offers support and helps her in difficult situations, giving her the confidence to perform at her best.

Balancing Work and Passion

Aside from her work at Vaimo, Oksana has a passion for writing fantasy novels and series, which she publishes on various internet platforms. She also enjoys traveling and discovering new places, with Iceland being her dream destination.

Oksana Diachenko’s journey is a testament to the fact that with hard work and determination, anything is possible. Vaimo helps her grow and thrive while working with a friendly and professional team and having fun in the process.

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