As with many of us, you have likely considered some resolutions you want to follow through with in 2018. Maybe you’ve endeavoured to spend more time with family, visit the gym more often, or cut sugar from your diet. But are any of your resolutions work related? Are you planning to do things differently in your marketing efforts?

Our Vaimo Marketing Team has committed to 3 resolutions this year. Maybe you’ll find that a few of our resolutions can be utilised to drive success in your B2B business in 2018. If you didn’t get a chance to make a start with your resolutions in January, here are some ideas for the rest of the year from us:


Before formulating our 2018 resolutions, we took a close look at our 2017 numbers. What made 2017 successful for us? What campaigns worked well for us? What sources generated the most views and the most leads? How did our clients interact with us?
Based on our analyses, we determined where we should place our efforts in 2018. We resolved to cut out the undertakings which did not benefit Vaimo in 2017, and invest in the ones that served us well as well as trying some completely new things.
In addition to the usual Google Analytics data, we also performed a poll to discover the topics that intrigue our followers the most in order provide our clients and prospects with the most relevant content.
PRO TIP: If you didn’t get around to a resolution last year, recommit yourself this year. It’s never too late!
OUR KEY TIP: Dive into your 2017 numbers and examine the data to determine what products worked the best, your best campaigns, and your customer segments.


Our key goal for 2018 entails putting our prospects and clients at the centre of all that we do. At the end of 2017, we compiled our key personas that we will focus on throughout 2018. To establish our key personas, we looked at our available data and we segmented it, with a goal of understanding their challenges and interests. With a bevy of information available across different channels, it’s extremely important to provide your customers with relevant information. The best way to do that involves seeking a deeper understanding of your customers.

Once the personas were mapped, we launched a new content calendar where every piece of thought leadership targets our personas and the challenges they face. Keep an eye out for eCommerce & C-Level advice tags to spot relevant info easily in our blog. 
What content interests your prospects?
OUR KEY TIP: B2B merchants should segment their database to understand their frequent customers, rare customers, and super spenders. Single out the segments you are after and place your efforts into high value segments.


In 2018, we aim to personalise everything that we do (at least, as much as possible). We want to ensure that we don’t keep offering the same information repeatedly.

We’ve begun building progressive fields which enable us to get a better insight to our clients and prospects and to be able to give them suitable information at the right time.
Understanding the challenges will not just help us, but will ensure that the prospect is not receiving emails that are not relevant to them, their industry or their challenges.
PRO TIP: B2B merchants should start collecting data that will help you with your campaigns. If you are in e-commerce, think of personal apps, customer feedback and tailored messages.
The above are our 3 focus areas for 2018. We hope the advice helps you with creating a (late) start with your resolutions! If there’s one thing we have left to say… figure out 3-5 key things for your department and put your focus in the right areas in 2018.
By: Merit Hansmitt,
Digital Marketing Manager at Vaimo
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