This year we focus on our climate and give Mother Earth the attention she deserves. To support the climate work of WWF, Vaimo has decided to donate 6400 EUR to the charity on behalf of our employees.

We are very proud to be supporting such a good cause and wish WWF all the very best in their pioneering work to save our Earth.

About the World Wide Fund´s Climate Work:

WWF’s goal is for the world to develop an equitable low carbon economy by 2050, which is resilient to that level of climate change which is unavoidable. All efforts should be undertaken to keep warming of global average temperature below 1.5°C. WWF works on low carbon development and climate policy, clean and smart energy, forests and climate, climate finance, and climate business engagement. WWF´s work to achieve a “climate-safe” future includes:

Advocating a new international climate agreement – one that is just and legally binding
Promoting energy efficiency – the most rapid and cost-effective way to reduce CO2 emissions
Promoting renewable energy sources – like wind, solar, and geothermal power
Preventing greenhouse gas emissions from deforestation – the largest contributor to green house gas emissions after the burning of fossil fuels
Developing and promoting climate change adaptation strategies – to safeguard the most vulnerable people and the most exposed ecosystems.
WWF also work with businesses to help them set science-based targets for reducing their greenhouse gas emissions. As part of their work on conserving ecosystems and promoting the sustainable use of natural resources, WWF’s forest, freshwater, marine, and species programs are developing climate change adaptation strategies.