Managing an online store is an arduous task by any measure, from attracting new customers to keeping existing ones. Ecommerce also requires extensive technical effort from any person or organisation that is maintaining an eCommerce platform, online sales and marketing, merchandising, logistics, and more.

Generally, it’s quite challenging to create a web shop that caters to both customers and search engines, that blends a user-friendly interface with Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO. Merchants and retailers are often forced to consciously choose between the two, as the two aspects often contradict one another in practice.

Our Strategy Department has created a guide to help your company channel the maximum benefits from the Magento platform in order to gain more organic traffic (via non-paid ranking on search engines). Today, search engines are the primary tool for drawing traffic to any online shop, as they deliver non-paid results on their pages according to what content they consider the most relevant for each query submitted by an online user. Most search engines regard the same, specific set of features as attractive when ranking the relevancy of online stores. 

Our guide provides medium-sized enterprises with practical advice on how to achieve high results in search engine optimisation while utilising the Magento platform. Fill in the form below to gain insight into the guide and download your free copy:

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