In our latest case study, we go behind the scenes of the eCommerce solution delivered for SC Motors–Swedish importer of Mitsubishi vehicles.

Discover how we launched Mitsubishi Privatleasing where customers can visualise and configure their new car online through an easy-to-use purchasing funnel.


The Challenge

SC Motors wanted to make it as easy and smooth as possible to lease a car online, replicating the experience that a customer would receive in-store. And with a focus on a younger demographic target market for the Mitsubishi hybrid, SC Motors knew that it needed to provide an online solution to match its customers’ habits and requirements.


The Solution

The new site places simplicity at its core with a carefully curated set of imagery and product descriptions doing the talking. Car customisation options were also kept to a minimum so as not to overwhelm the user and interrupt their purchasing journeys. The result is an efficiently slim purchasing funnel: add your car to cart, choose your preferred dealer location, sign your purchase with BankID and, voilà, the purchase is complete and ready for pick up within 5 weeks.


Check out the full story to hear more about the eCommerce build: