Akeneo PIM: Create product experiences that drive sales

A well-integrated product information management system, or PIM, lets you deliver enriched products to your customers easily and ensure that your customers receive a consistent, brilliant product experience at every touchpoint.

With Akeneo PIM, you can provide customers with the accurate product information they need to make informed purchasing decisions quickly and confidently. No matter the size or complexity of your catalog, Akeneo PIM is your single source of truth.

What is Akeneo PIM?

The Akeneo PIM (product information management) system is a composable, SaaS-based solution that helps you manage product information throughout your company, from the supply chain to sales to important stakeholders.

What is PIM?

A PIM (product information management) solution provides a single place to collect, manage, and enrich your product data, create product catalogs, and distribute information to your sales channels.

A PIM system does the following:

  • A PIM system integrates data from all your other systems and processes it, which eliminates the need to enter or update data manually.
  • A PIM system imports data through XLSX and CSV files and pre-built connectors.
  • A PIM system onboards your product data directly from suppliers in your format.
  • A PIM links to DAM systems for all digital assets.
  • Finally, your team distributes your product data into catalogs and connects the catalogs to channels.

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FAQs: Akeneo PIM editions comparison

  • Free
  • No more spreadsheets
  • Streamline catalog enrichment
  • Manage digital assets
  • Install and run on-premises
  • Community support
  • Starting at $25K annually
  • No more spreadsheets
  • Streamline catalog enrichment
  • Manage digital assets
  • SLA-backed
  • A hosted solution priced for small businesses (SaaS)
  • The price must be requested
  • The ultimate in catalog management
  • Automation and governance
  • Top-of-the-line asset management
  • Improve product data quality
  • SLA-backed
  • SaaS/PaaS
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Benefits: ROI with Akeneo PIM

PIM tools help increase conversion rates through better quality and better product information. With improved product information, PIM boosts search functionality and Google indexing, which helps increase both conversion rate and average order value.

With better quality data and ensuring product page completeness powered by PIM, return rates can plummet.

Every hour your team spends enriching a product is time they aren’t using elsewhere, pushing the cost of enrichment ever higher. With PIM, you can cut enrichment times in half, freeing up your team to work on other, more value-added activities.

It can take a long time to get a new SKU merchandised and ready to sell. It could take six weeks or more to collect all the right data, fill in all the attributes, ensure it is correct, and then list it across sales channels. PIM, however, allows you to get new products ready for sale up to 80% more quickly.

Once you’ve fixed conversion and return rates and accelerated your enrichment and time-to-market processes, it’s time to take your PIM to the next level by using it to expand your product line. No matter how they go about it, more products mean more sales, and it’s all possible thanks to PIM.

PIM can help you not only expand the number of products you sell but also increase the number of channels you sell them on. Increasing the number of sales channels your products are available on makes it easier for potential customers to find your products.

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Enterprise-grade features

Organize product variations like color, size, or composition for thousands of products easily. Automate repetitive and inefficient tasks for variants with custom rules and make bulk updates for better efficiency.

Your product information includes important media, such as videos, images, PDFs, and more. Manage, enrich, link, and transform your multimedia assets with Asset Manager, a unique function exclusive to Akeneo PIM Enterprise Edition.

Regardless of the manner in which you disburse your product information, you must count on its accuracy. Effortlessly manage product data for ecommerce sites, direct mail, print catalogs, distributors, direct sales, dealers, and more from a single system of record.

Crafting the best product experience often calls for more than just product data. Complementary to assets, the Akeneo PIM Enterprise Edition will allow you to easily emphasize your core values, highlight your brand guidelines, and share inspiring images or stories.

Track the changes you have made to your products and catalog structure effortlessly, and roll back products to any earlier versions as needed. Streamline password management while ensuring security with Akeneo’s single sign-on option for businesses with several users.

With Akeneo, there’s no need to worry about publishing products before they’re ready. Advanced features such as extended spell-check, wider language coverage, and extra key indicators ensure that you launch flawless product experiences wherever you’re selling.

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The Vaimo PIM Connector for Akeneo and commercetools

We created a microservice to simplify the connection between the commercetools platform and Akeneo PIM. Our Vaimo PIM Connector helps brands with an existing Akeneo PIM installation migrate their model structure and content with the push of a button into the commercetools ecommerce platform.

With the Vaimo PIM Connector, you can instantly create a complete catalog from an empty commercetools instance.

Vaimo partners with Akeneo and commercetools to bring the best platforms and tools to digital retailers and merchants. The Vaimo PIM Connector ensures a seamless experience for companies using services by Akeneo and commercetools.

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Akeneo FAQs

The Akeneo PIM (product information management) system is a composable, SaaS-based solution that helps you manage product information throughout your company, from the supply chain to sales to important stakeholders.

The Akeneo PIM Community Edition is free, while the Akeneo PIM Growth Edition starts at $25K annually. The Akeneo PIM Enterprise Edition requires a call for a quote and depends on your business needs.

The Akeneo Product Cloud is a comprehensive, modular SaaS platform for managing, activating, and optimizing the entire product narrative to create outstanding omnichannel product experiences. This single solution accelerates commerce growth for businesses, delivering exceptional product experiences across owned and unowned channels that surpass customer expectations while eliminating the disarray and delays caused by isolated operations.

The Akeneo PIM lets you:

  • Automate manual tasks
  • Coordinate digital assets
  • Orchestrate omnichannel data management
  • Highlight brand values
  • Govern your data
  • Optimize for data quality

Akeneo PIM comes in three editions:

  • Akeneo PIM community edition
  • Akeneo PIM growth edition
  • Akeneo PIM enterprise edition
  • Omnichannel
  • Scale: Any Akeneo client might have 60M+ products, 10M+ API calls per week, 1TB+ digital assets stored, and 300+ active users
  • Open SaaS: Transparent, extendable, and tested
  • Easy to use
  • Global: UI in 35+ languages
  • Agnostic solution, with D2C, B2C, B2B2C, B2B, brands, distributors, and manufacturers clients
  • Innovative: Roadmap paved by 80,000 users


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Vaimo is an Akeneo Diamond Partner

Vaimo is the only Akeneo Solution Partner active worldwide and a Diamond Partner, the highest tier of Akeneo’s partner levels. We are proud to have worked with Akeneo PIM since 2018 to bring our clients the best PIM implementations.

Since we started collaborating with Akeneo, we’ve built a dedicated PIM business unit at Vaimo and launched tailored PIM solutions for many clients around the world. We also developed the revolutionary Vaimo PIM Connector for Akeneo and commercetools, a microservice that activates product migration with the push of a button.

We are also proud to have won the Akeneo Global Growth Award 2022 at Akeneo’s inaugural partner awards in 2023.

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