Revolutionize Your Data Migration Process

Migrating data manually between a PIM system and a digital commerce platform can take several hundred hours, depending on the volume of information. The manual process also caries the risk of human error. The Vaimo PIM Connector revolutionizes the process and empowers businesses to migrate their product data automatically.

With the push of a button, the adapter converts your PIM data model into a commercetools project where product data will be available within minutes. The Vaimo PIM Connector is ready-to-use for your storefront, social media, dashboards, and any applications in your existing and future composable landscape.


The Vaimo PIM Connector is our first MACH alliance microservice that joins Akeneo PIM with the commercetools platform for a seamless product data migration. Digital merchants can use this as the keystone to composing and it’s as easy as joining two building blocks.

The Vaimo PIM Connector, Explained


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How Does the Vaimo PIM Connector Work?

Connect Akeneo PIM and commercetools using API keys and adaptor logs. Then, watch your product data flow seamlessly from the PIM source to commercetools.

Map out your key attributes and choose either a live connection with delta updates or an early proof of concept (POC) to investigate the possibility of composable commerce. The best part is that the connector creates all specified family attributes dynamically in commercetools.

With the push of a button, the adapter converts your PIM data model into a commercetools project where product data will be available within minutes. The Vaimo PIM Connector is ready-to-use for your storefront, social media, dashboards, and any applications in your existing and future composable landscape.

The Benefits of the Vaimo PIM Connector

Unlock flexibility and speed through the combined powers of PIM enterprise features and a headless commerce engine.

The Vaimo PIM Connector is a full SaaS service that connects MACH alliance platforms using only APIs. There’s no custom code to slow you down, no updates to worry about, nor versioning issues.

Populate large and complex product catalogs quickly and easily. Directly sync these to commercetools as product types, products, categories, and attributes.

The conversion of measurements or translation of content passed to each storefront in the commercetools environment allows you to easily expand where you can sell your products around the world.

Bulk update or use multi-select features in Akeneo and then populate those changes in commercetools.

Choose the best way to migrate product data to sales channels that suit their requirements with Akeneo’s Channels feature.

Set approval flows and processes in order to protect the integrity of ecommerce environments and prevent costly errors.

Make replatforming simple and speed up your time-to-market by getting data from any source-including other ecommerce platforms.

The Vaimo PIM Connector lets you re-use your Akeneo data model structure to create your commercetools catalogue from a completely empty commercetools project in just minutes. It’s perfect for proof of concepts and a great way to go composable.

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Composable architecture and PIM

The concept of composable architecture lets you to choose the best-of-breed tools, features, and functionality for your business needs. Think of composable architecture as building blocks with endless potential and flexibility. Composable commerce empowers you to tailor your customer experiences and grow without committing to a single ecommerce platform.

The composable approach supports a flexible, light, and agile architecture that lets you pivot your business to new market opportunities, stay open to future developments, and scale without limits. The results allow you to reduce costs, future-proof your business, and elevate your customer experiences.

The best part is that there are tools specifically made for merchants moving into a more composable way of managing their digital commerce needs. The Vaimo PIM Connector, commercetools, and Akeneo are vital components of your composable ecosystem.

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The Vaimo PIM Connector is a microservice, or a small, independently deployable component or service that is loosely coupled. Microservices fall under the umbrella term of MACH architecture, an acronym that stands for Microservices-based, API-first, Cloud-native, and Headless. Mach architecture is an approach that fuels modern ecommerce businesses with the agility and control needed to meet customers.

The principles together support a flexible and modular ecosystem that empowers a business to add and subtract components like building blocks.

  • Microservices: Independently functioning services or systems that are each responsible for a certain function
  • API-First: Microservices use Application Programming Interfaces, or API’s, to communicate with each other
  • Cloud-native: Cloud-native applications provide better scalability, faster development, and better flexibility without the burden of maintaining persona servers
  • Headless: The concept of decoupling the frontend, or user interface, from the backend


Watch our video:  Headless and Composable architecture – Technology hype or business differentiator

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“With more than 40 enterprise PIM projects in our portfolio, we saw a need to streamline the product data migration process. We wanted to help companies with a PIM solution save time and energy when migrating their products to their commerce engine.” Tommy Essenholm, Head of Sales and Business Development, PIM

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Is the Vaimo PIM Connector Right for Me?

The Vaimo PIM Connector is a great fit for you if the following applies:

* You already have Akeneo implemented
* You are implementing headless/composable architecture
* You are looking at changing ecommerce platforms
* You have >1000 SKUs in your store

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Where Can I Find the Vaimo PIM Connector?

The Vaimo PIM Connector is now available for purchase from the Akeneo App Store. Find the complete feature list, comprehensive documentation, and pricing information. Click here to explore the Vaimo PIM Connector today. Sign up for the Vaimo PIM Connector here.

Ready for a demo? Contact the PIM Master himself:

Tommy Essenholm
Head of Sales and Business Development, PIM
+46 708-739463
[email protected]

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