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The challenge: a case of multiple truths

Ask any chef and they’ll tell you the same thing: you can’t cook in a messy kitchen. The same counts for your product information. If your information isn’t tidied up and in order, it’s hard to keep track of.

Calex experienced the challenges of scattered product data when they started expanding their offering. At the moment, Calex’s key focus markets are the Benelux, France and the UK, and they are now entering the German market. Until now, they focused largely on B2B, but are looking at adding B2C to their offering. They had noticed a big shift towards ecommerce and proper data management in their industry, which they realized was needed to expand their activities as well.

Having product information spread out in many different places is not convenient for a business’ daily operations. Imagine looking for product specifications and having to consult four different people to find what you need: it takes time and effort that could otherwise be spent on other, more useful tasks. When it’s hard to verify your existing data, it creates a case of multiple truths, where there is no objective answer to questions related to data.

Main pain points:

  • Scattered product information
  • Missing a single source of truth
  • Various data pools
calex case study - the solution

The solution: product information management (PIM)

Calex conducted a business case to look into data management for their organization and, based on those results, decided to work with Vaimo. From the beginning, efficient communication was central to the project. Vaimo involved all of Calex’s major stakeholders, such as marketing and product management, and all decisions were taken in close collaboration. Having one dedicated project manager on either side, however, is what made all the difference for a timely implementation and a tightly defined project.

Vaimo offered a solution that was on time and on budget, respecting the planning that was established during the Discovery phase. With a total project duration of eight months, Calex was able to quickly get started with data management.

The Discovery phase lasted four months, during which the entire project and planned integrations were mapped out. The implementation took around three months. Vaimo built a tailored solution featuring the user-friendly Akeneo PIM, which addressed Calex’s main challenges for data management.

The result: accuracy and uniformity

Calex recognizes that things move fast in ecommerce and that there’s never a point when data management is “done.” However, they already see positive results following Vaimo’s PIM implementation.

One of PIM’s biggest advantages, which has had a tangible impact on Calex’s operations, is a significant reduction in errors and misunderstandings. For instance, when there’s a discrepancy with a supplier, it only takes a few minutes to find and verify the information. Needless to say, having a platform that houses and centralizes all product information is a major strength in an industry where accuracy matters.

The PIM system also makes it easy to identify areas where information is missing or should be updated. Fixing a spelling error? Adding product specifications? Expanding the product description? With PIM, Calex can add, edit and update information in no time. In addition, suppliers can add details in Akeneo’s intuitive Supplier Data Manager. This reduces manual work on Calex’s side, as all data is entered in a uniform, organized manner.

Biggest improvements:

  • One centralized source of product information
  • Reduced errors and inconsistencies
  • Reduced manual work to unify the information

“By asking discerning questions, Vaimo gave us an opportunity to cast a critical eye on our organization. A lot of things seemed self-evident, but by rethinking our processes we reached very interesting insights. We also appreciated the thorough follow-up, both on the IT and the human side.”

Marijn Marchand

Project Manager at Electro Cirkel / Calex

A bright future that includes B2C

The PIM implementation lays the foundation for the new B2C channel and expansion in new countries. By having their data in order, Calex can be confident in their communication to clients and ensure accuracy.

Vaimo’s PIM solution opens many doors. Flexibility is very important to Calex, and that flexibility manifests in a short time-to-market. In fact, Calex can launch a new product within a year, which allows them to capitalize on new trends.


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