Get a head start on your Composable Commerce journey with Vaimo LaunchPad

Selecting each of the puzzle pieces in your composable stack from a blank canvas is both complex and time-consuming. With Vaimo LaunchPad, you can confidently lay a robust foundation and jumpstart your composable commerce venture with ease


Make the flexibility work for you, Not against you

Composable commerce is a new approach to building commerce platforms that gives businesses the flexibility to choose the best-of-breed solutions for their needs. But this flexibility can also be a challenge, as it can be difficult to manage and maintain a complex system of interconnected components.



Extend, replace, subtract, and add based on growth and needs

Composable commerce is a new approach to building commerce platforms that gives businesses the flexibility to choose the best-of-breed solutions for their needs. This means that businesses can easily add, remove, or update components of their commerce platform as their needs change.

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In the fiercely competitive landscape of Middle East ecommerce, the wrong tech stack can lead to missed opportunities. Don’t get left behind with an outdated platform that can’t keep up with the latest trends. Before you commit to a long-term investment, consider a solution that ensures both current and future success.

a composable commerce accelerator product that will help you future-proof your ecommerce business. It’s a tested and proven solution that includes a ready-built roadmap, integrations, data, and technology architecture. This structured baseline will help you onboard to composable architecture quickly and easily. Our ecosystem of best-in-class partners will support the LaunchPad initiative to help you drive growth for your online business.

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In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • – What is composable commerce?
  • – Why content is key in our everyday life?
  • – How is Contentful used to orchestrate content from multiple sources and deliver it across all touchpoints?
  • – What are the benefits for our customers?
  • – The power of MACH Architecture and why It’s a Game-Changer for your business?
  • – The Vaimo Launchpad – How Will It Help You Accelerate Your Composable Journey?

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image of chantelle herbst

Chantelle Herbst

Managing Director, Vaimo Middle East

Chantelle has over a decade of experience in digital solutions and is passionate about driving success for Middle East clients by harnessing digital innovation and process improvement. Chantelle is a strong leader who builds high-performing teams and creates a culture of excellence. She is committed to delivering award-winning digital and omnichannel solutions that meet the needs of clients.

image of Olivier Berckmans

Olivier Berckmans

Partner Sales Manager, Contentful

Olivier spent his whole career in the software industry and held responsibilities at various CMS vendors. He now works hand in hand with Contentful partners to promote and deliver the promise of composable commerce in the Middle East.

James Brown

Sales Director, Commercetools

James has spent more than 15 years in ecommerce and tech, with experience working to deliver complex projects within large innovative merchants such as Groupon, large Systems Integrators including Accenture and most recently helping to drive the growth of the most cutting edge commerce vendors. He’s now in charge of bringing recognised commerce tech leader commercetools to market across the Middle East.

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