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The challenge

Elon needed a new ecommerce platform as part of their plan to completely rebrand their online store and physical stores. The consumer electronics giant wanted to create cohesive customer experiences both in-store and online.

Additionally, Elon wanted to improve their digital conversion rate and place a heavier focus on their online customers.

Elon website


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YoY (2019 vs. 2022)

The solution

When digital encourages in-store shopping

Adobe Commerce, known for its extensive customization opportunities and flexibility, was the perfect ecommerce platform for Elon’s digital transformation.

As part of Elon’s in-store rebranding, the retailer divided the physical stores into “rooms,” so customers could envision their own living rooms and kitchens with Elon’s appliances and electronics. The Elon website reflects the physical experience with the digital space also divided into rooms and living spaces, to extend the comfortable atmosphere of their physical stores to their customers online.

To convert visitors into customers, Vaimo helped Elon improve their on-site navigation and saw a 50% increase in online sales as a result in the first year after the launch.

“We chose Vaimo for their long experience delivering ecommerce solutions on the Adobe Commerce platform, and we’ve had a fantastic collaboration with the team so far. What we have accomplished together, and the result after the launch is something we are extremely proud of.”

Jakob Dahlner, eCommerce Manager

Launching during the pandemic

As Elon launched their rebranding and online store, the COVID-19 pandemic radically transformed consumer behavior. Because all physical stores saw a significant decrease in visitors at this time, the online storefront became the front line for Elon’s engagement with potential customers.

Existing customers began turning to Elon’s online store for research and purchases. Customers also used the website to schedule appointments to pick up their products at Elon’s stores, where they often ended up buying additional products. Thanks to Elon’s omnichannel approach, the positive experience customers had on the Elon website led to further purchases in-store.

Elon’s focus on crafting a unified customer experience earned them the title of “most empathetic company” within their industry in the Nordics in 2020. Elon is constantly working to improve the customer experience, and any new feature or function on their website follows their omnichannel philosophy.

Elon portrait

Features and functionality

  • Yotpo
  • Charpstar augmented reality: View a product or newly designed space from your phone in 3D
  • Phyron for dynamic video
  • Store Locator
  • Click & Collect
  • Advanced logistics solution: uses the weight and size of packages, installation costs, delivery, and distance to a store to calculate the total price
  • Fulfillment from multiple store warehouses & central warehouse
  • Klevu for on-site search
  • Voyado for customer integration

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