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Reliable product information

When Vaimo first met with Smedbo, the business faced a key challenge: the lack of clear processes around product information management. As a B2B company marketing products in over 15 countries, Smedbo had to produce different versions of product information for each separate country. This complex process drew on a significant amount of resources that Smedbo could not afford to deplete any longer. Furthermore, the quality and reliability of product information was incomplete, leading to inefficiencies across the business as employees were forced to spend vital time making manual amendments to data. A PIM solution implementation was suggested to address the core problems around varying and incomplete information. This would allow Smedbo to fix its inefficiencies and reach its goal of continued growth and success.

Smedbo PIM Vaimo
Smedbo PIM Vaimo



The Solution

Business transformation

Vaimo began scoping a solution around the Akeneo Community Edition to suit Smedbo’s requirements and aspirations. The PIM Team implemented integrations with Smedbo’s ERP system (Microsoft Navision) and its main outbound channel (running on the WordPress platform). This created the immediate and tangible efficiencies that Smedbo team would be able to benefit from. Overall, the PIM solution provided exactly what was needed to transform Smedbo’s product information—a single source of truth. Before the PIM implementation and without one authoritative product data-set, Smedbo was wasting valuable resources on keeping data-sets manually maintained. Now the brand is benefitting from the time-savings and increased productivity that a PIM solution offers.

A major benefit of the PIM solution is that we now have complete control over our product data. All data is now supplied by one source and categorized according to the same setup, regardless of language—this enhances the quality of our product data, revealing any data gaps in an effective way. We also benefit from the data export function which makes it easy to supply accurate product data to customers and partners.

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PIM for long-term success

Following the initial successful integrations, Smedbo and Vaimo’s dedicated PIM Business Unit are working closely together to look at incorporating PIM into other business channels, like integrating Adobe Indesign for printed catalog production. And from a longer-term perspective, Smedbo has many possibilities in terms of its internal and external channels. Examples of areas that PIM could help to strengthen are the areas of exportation of product information, labeling systems and packaging. Vaimo is focused on delivering PIM implementations that will make a difference and which will serve to drive forward Smedbo’s success.

Smedbo PIM Vaimo

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