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The Challenge

The University of Gothenburg needed one single source of truth that would provide a comprehensive overview of its education information and related entities. But it wasn’t just a view of the information the team needed—it also needed the functionality to then enrich this data with ease. Given the complexity and varying nature of the university’s data, it turned to Vaimo and Akeneo PIM to increase internal efficiencies around product information.

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The Solution

Product Information Management

With the implementation of Akeneo PIM, the University of Gothenburg is now able to separate various datasets for customised publication to different channels—and more specifically, in several separate contexts within the website. The university can now spread information to its three key channels: the university’s web catalogue which consists of domestic studies, international studies and exchange courses; national portals like and international portals. With Vaimo’s help, the university moved all its information regarding education to Akeneo PIM. In addition, it also moved related materials used to present educational information from its site (or other key systems such as National Admissions) to Akeneo PIM. With a PIM in place, the University of Gothenburg is better equipped to meet the needs of today’s students and help them find the course information they’re looking for. It also empowers students to compare different options more easily and help them find the education that’s right for them.

The nature of marketing an academic education differs from both retail and services. In some sense, it is about convincing someone that this particular education is an integral part of their future. We have put product data and Akeneo PIM at the centre of our marketing, asking our users what information they need to make an informed choice but also to communicate the feeling of being a student, a transforming experience.

Pontus Sundén

Educational editor at University of Gothenburg

Akeneo PIM in Action

The university has its own integration team (ICC) that has built an integration platform to feed data into PIM using the Akeneo API. The main source is the administrative system that feeds the PIM with educational information, courses and study programmes, together with data for when the courses will start. The second source feeds the PIM with employee contact information. The system will have approximately 130 users from 8 faculties and 40 departments at the university.

University of Gothenburg iPhones

Features Implemented

  • Auto-generation of SKU by UUID
  • Auto-connecting assets and “products” based on file-naming conventions
  • Limitations on product creation
  • Integration with IBM MQ Queue system
  • Filter and search on associated products data points
  • Asset filenames with non-ASCII characters
  • Asset categories as menu items
  • Customised properties on assets

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