The influence of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine-learning on eCommerce operations is growing significantly. As businesses embrace the concept of customer centricity to keep up with the demands of their audiences, AI has exploded onto the scene as a way to meet this demand.

The possibilities that AI can provide for a tailored, streamlined and ultimately more enjoyable purchasing experience are endless. From personalised search results to speedier customer service and from individually targeted offers to relevant emails arriving in your inbox, AI has the capability to help businesses provide a better service for their customers—improving their growth as a result.

AI & eCommerce White-Paper

In our latest white-paper, we teamed up with our partners (dotmailer, Klevu and Nosto) to provide you with a comprehensive look at the ways in which we are all using AI and machine-learning to benefit businesses and customers around the world. If you’re still not sure how your business can reap the rewards of AI, then download our guide now for exclusive and practical insight into how we and our partners have implemented AI tools to benefit businesses in B2B and B2C arenas.

Download it here:

In addition to our white-paper, we’ll also be holding a number of events next month—panel sessions with eCommerce experts will explore the current state of the eCommerce world and the ways in which it’s evolving.

AI events in the Nordics

Join us in Oslo on May 8th or in Stockholm on May 15th to learn more about how you can integrate the functionalities of AI into your day-to-day business operations and sales before you fall behind the curve.

It’s clear that the eCommerce landscape is changing at an exponential rate in our increasingly digitised world. AI and machine-learning are playing a central role in this change and have the potential to further transform the ways in which sales and operations are conducted. So be sure to register for one of our events today and download our free AI white-paper where you can learn about the ways in which Vaimo, dotmailer, Klevu and Nosto are utilising the power of AI to benefit both businesses and customers.

We look forward to seeing you at an event next month!