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Stay safe with tools and services available exclusively for Vaimo hosted eCommerce solutions.

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3rd Party Hosting

We offer a number of tools and services to enhance the security of your Magento Cloud hosting.

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Safeguarding your digital future

Cybercriminals are constantly devising new and inventive methods to breach your IT infrastructure. And though it can be tempting to assume it will never happen to you, the effects would be disastrous.

Vaimo’s approach to your digital security:


Our Security team uses industry-leading techniques to monitor, detect and eliminate threats so that your site can run at maximum performance. We constantly assess vulnerabilities and monitor networks for any malicious activity to keep you safe.


We combine the best in the latest security technologies to give you comprehensive protection against cyber attacks. From proactive detection and prevention to speedy response and mitigation, our tools give you peace of mind.


As part of our commitment to driving success in digital commerce, the importance of security is ingrained in our culture. Along with Vaimo’s security policies, we regularly train our teams on all aspects of security so that they’re equipped to thwart breaches on your site.

To learn more about our commitment to your security, download the latest Sumo logic case study about Vaimo here.

Vaimo Security Services

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Vaimo’s Data Breach Monitoring Service

Our easy-to-use tool detects data breaches on your online store in real-time and on your behalf—saving your business from long-lasting breaches, irreversible reputational damage and lost revenue. Data breaches happen every single day and are growing in magnitude. From small enterprises to large, multinational companies data breaches are occurring at alarming rates, regardless of the security measures taken. No one is safe.

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