DevOps and Cloud are interlinked

A majority of all cloud development projects employ a DevOps methodology, and the benefits of using DevOps with cloud projects are numerous. The advantages include better collaboration, quicker development processes, more reliable solutions, and reduced go-to-market times.

This means lower costs for everything from development and testing to deployment and operations. It also means a better customer experience. Combining DevOps and cloud technology we help teams optimize and automate the scaling of their business and save time and resources.

DevOps Cloud is the combination of two vital building blocks of efficient digital transformation. DevOps refers to the process and process improvement of efficient development, testing, and deployment of software. DevOps automation is, by nature, cloud-centric. It’s essential to understand how DevOps and Cloud work together to help your business achieve its objectives.


of organizations currently rely on DevOps to develop and deploy software


of the organizations that operate at the highest security level are have implemented an advanced stage of DevOps


of DevOps adopters are also using microservices and containers

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What is DevOps?

DevOps refers to a methodology that is based on a number of philosophies, tools, and practices. They all work together to improve organizations’ ability to develop, test, and deploy applications and web services at high speed. DevOps allows companies to launch products at a much higher pace than organizations using a more traditional approach.

A DevOps approach includes breaking down silos between the development teams and operations teams. In some companies, those teams even merge into one to allow engineers to get engaged in the entire application lifecycle–from development to deployment and beyond.

DevOps Cloud and ecommerce

Today, customers can access ecommerce sites from many places, such as laptops, mobiles, tablets, and interactive displays. The devices are all different in size, require different resolutions, and differ in many other ways.

At the same time, customers expect a consistent, smooth, and seamless process regardless of what channel they’re using to interact with your brand. Add to this the fact that the content is constantly changing, and you begin to grasp the complexity developers are faced with in ecommerce. Luckily, DevOps provides us with a practical methodology for meeting these challenges.

Speed is of the essence

The quicker your company can go to market with new products, solutions, and applications, the larger market share you will be able to secure. A DevOps approach helps companies increase their development and deployment velocity in a number of ways.

Implementing DevOps will help you speed up your ecommerce development projects by enabling developers and management departments to collaborate in a more agile way. At Vaimo, we use a DevOps approach reduce clogging in the deployment processes and help make launch processes quicker, more efficient, and more dynamic.

  • Quicker and more reliable releases
  • Automation of manual and repetitive tasks and processes
  • An infrastructure for test automation
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Automated testing = increased reliability

A vital part of the DevOps methodology is automated testing. Automating tests is a way to make sure all new code will work when deployed and not create bugs in the system. DevOps is all about building an iterative process with a continuous feedback loop, in order to build a more stable platform and product, both for internal users and customers. Through test automation, Vaimo can help you:

  • Detect bugs through test cases
  • Build and test new applications faster
  • Deploy and go to market faster
  • Decrease the risk of human error
  • Simplify the testing process
  • Increase reliability and stability
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DevOps saves time and cut costs

A cloud-based DevOps approach lowers the costs associated with on-prem DevOps automation technology. Cloud-based communication and collaboration also work well with the centralized governance needed for a sound DevOps process. Developers who enter into the DevOps process often find that clear and efficient governance helps them stay out of trouble, and this is easier to achieve centrally through the Cloud.

And with a DevOps approach, manual and repetitive processes are automated. By working in the Cloud and automating processes wherever possible, companies can not only reduce the risk of human errors significantly. It also saves time and money while freeing up time for developers to focus on more strategically important work.

Instead of running massive projects, the DevOps way of working is based on automated and incremental builds pushed immediately into production. This enables DevOps teams to make quick and frequent updates to create the best possible digital experience.

At Vaimo, we’re experts in cloud technology and DevOps methodology. Our full range of cloud services is built in-house, and our services are fine-tuned to ensure optimal performance for your ecommerce site. With fully automated systems, we help power your company’s growth journey through quicker setups, shorter lead times, and fewer errors.

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