Digital security is integral for ecommerce

Ecommerce sites are a common target for cyberattacks and fraud. Ecommerce businesses contain substantial amounts of personal and financial data that need protection to not end up in the wrong hands. The cost of a data breach can be extremely high for an ecommerce business, both in terms of immediate financial losses and lost customer trust.

Digital security is an integral part of every digital project and cannot be added as an afterthought. At Vaimo, we work holistically with digital security to help our customers mitigate risks and protect their businesses. The security dimension is incorporated in all our deliveries. We have extensive experience working with digital security in 400+ ecommerce projects and combine a strategic helicopter perspective with extreme attention to detail.

Ecommerce security is critical for protecting the privacy and data of your customers. But also to safeguard the finances of your online business, prevent fraud, and maintain a reputation as a reliable online store where interactions are safe and protected.


is how much cyber crime increased during the Covid pandemic.


of companies will experience a data breach in the coming 2 years.


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Holistic cybersecurity

Digital security results from combining the right tools and technology with the right internal processes and behavior. Therefore, Vaimo’s approach to digital security includes actions, tools, and people. At Vaimo, we’re the experts in ecommerce security.


Our Digital Security team monitors your site to spot any malicious activity and eliminates digital threats to ensure your business is safe and your site can stay up and running at maximum performance.


We use best in class security tools and technologies to provide you with comprehensive protection against digital attack. This includes proactive detection and prevention as well as quick response and mitigation.


The importance of digital security is part of our culture, and we can help you make it part of yours. Along with our security policies, we perform regular security training with our teams to ensure they’re equipped to protect your brand and your site.

Cybersecurity tools and services

Web application firewall (WAF)

Your firewall secures web applications by filtering and monitoring the HTTP traffic between your web apps and the Internet.

Vulnerability scanning system

The automatic scanning system finds vulnerabilities and sends timely alerts to your delivery team.

Personal data management

This feature addresses the rights of the data subjects to ensure you comply with personal data privacy regulations such as the GDPR.

Security policies compliance

Procedures put in place to ensure that the Vaimo security policies are followed and complied with at all times to ensure the highest level of security for your ecommerce business.

Log manager system

A unified log tool accelerates application delivery and helps monitor and troubleshoot your ecommerce site in real-time, to improve digital security and compliance.

Data breach monitoring

A data loss prevention tool immediately detects Magecart and supply-chain attacks and all types of form-jacking or skimming on your ecommerce website.

Anti-spam module

An AI-based module prevents fake users, fake reviews, DDoS, and brute force attacks.

Anti-mirroring module

This module helps detect fake or mirror websites and automatically redirects traffic back to your site.

Penetration testing

In penetration testing, Vaimo makes a simulated cyberattack on your ecommerce store to assess the security level of your system.

Security audit

We audit and evaluate the digital security of your ecommerce site t is by measuring it against a set of established criteria.

Log review services

Our security team proactively reviews logs of your systems as a preventative measure in order to spot potential attacks early on.

Variety of ecommerce security services

When it comes to digital security, there’s no one-size-fits-all. At Vaimo, we allow our clients to select security levels based on risk aversion. From the minimum level required to start operation to a full suite of products and services to ensure top-notch digital security. Our independent security team can perform security audits, penetration tests or reviews, and help you decide on the best measures suitable for your project in addition to security measures included in your standard package.

We offer various security layers for our different hosting options, including Adobe Cloud, Vaimo hosting, and 3rd party hosting. We offer our services in an à la carte model so that you can pick and choose the features you need. With more than 400 successful security implementations in our portfolio, we can advise you both strategically and help you with the hands-on execution and implementation.

Cybercriminals are constantly testing new and inventive ways to attack and breach your ecommerce business and IT infrastructure. It’s tempting to hope for the best or assume it will not happen to you, but doing so sets you up for disaster. Vaimo can help you to select the right technology and services to protect your business from attacks.

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