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A New eCommerce Direction

Prior to partnering with Vaimo, DOMU Brands was operating one multi-brand site on Magento 1. Having been on this setup for more than 5 years, and with many changes along the way, the lifestyle brand business knew it needed to start afresh on a new platform to reach its commerce goals. Among the items on its wishlist were higher performance, a complete redesign of the site and a flexible platform that would allow DOMU Brands’ employees greater autonomy in making changes to the eCommerce site. Speed was also a crucial issue as DOMU Brands employees were spending valuable time and resources on manually optimising the site to make it faster. With these challenges and requirements in mind, the business turned towards Magento 2 for its robustness, scalability, and out of the box functionality.

DOMU Brands Vaimo
DOMU Brands Vaimo

The Solution

M2 Migration for Business Growth

Vaimo partnered with DOMU Brands to develop a feature-rich Magento 2 solution for 3 separate brands— was launched in just 3 months, with and following soon after. The new sites have led to improvements both from an internal perspective and also in terms of the overall customer experience. Within the business, the M2 sites have led to greater cohesiveness between teams in how data and ideas are shared. And from a customer point of view, the new sites have transformed the user-experience to match the needs of the modern-day shopper. Customers now benefit from a faster front end, better and more clearly presented ‘My Account’ sections, intuitive browsing and navigation, and richer content to name but a few. DOMU Brands’ Customer Service Team has also worked closely with the project team to investigate any pain points in the customer journey and to eliminate these.

Integrations and Customer Experience

DOMU Brands incorporated a number of integrations from Vaimo’s partners to build an industry-leading tech stack to maximise the level of customer experience for its sites:, and

With Yotpo, DOMU is able to leverage the power of social proof through user-generated content to aid conversion rates. Read the full Yotpo case study of Domu Brands here.

Nosto’s intelligent merchandising blocks are tailored to different areas of the site to present customers with conversion opportunities at each step of the purchasing journey. And using Nosto’s segmentation tool has also allowed DOMU to identify room for improvement in the customer experience. By analysing the behaviour of different customer types, DOMU can help its customers to find the right product at the right time.

From a search perspective, DOMU integrated Klevu’s innovative tool to present more accurate search information based on expert machine learning technology—which gets more intelligent over time for increased levels of customer experience. Integrating Klevu has improved mobile search, increased the likelihood of converting with search and it also allows DOMU to gain real-time insight into what customers are searching for.

And lastly, Bronto allows customers to define their own automated journey which, again, helps to tailor the overall experience to individual customers.

DOMU Brands Vaimo

“When looking for a Magento partner, we wanted someone who would be with us for the long term and who had a genuine interest in working with us to improve our site. From the first contact, Vaimo was enthusiastic about the opportunities of our brand websites and understood our vision of what we wanted to achieve.”

Laura Garrity

eCommerce Manager

The Path to Future Growth

With a strong history of operating on marketplaces, eCommerce is a key focus for DOMU Brands moving forward. The company sees the increased value in eCommerce and wants to continually improve its offering and to be more agile in its approach. And at the heart of this initiative is to create the best customer experience possible. DOMU Brands will be working closely with Vaimo to provide personalised and engaging experiences that will exceed those offered by popular online marketplaces. And from a higher-level view, DOMU Brands has three big pillars to focus on in the coming year—customer retention, conversion rate optimisation and brand awareness.


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