Nosto: Win customers for life with great shopping experiences

As a Commerce Experience Platform, Nosto arms merchants and retailers with a smorgasbord of core capabilities, all aimed at delivering relevant customer experiences. Nosto’s suite of data-fueled customization and merchandizing solutions makes it simple to launch fully tailored, integrated commerce experiences quickly and efficiently.

With Nosto, you can fine-tune and streamline your customer experiences across content, product recommendations, triggered overlays and popups, category pages, and much more.

What is Nosto?
Nosto is a Commerce Experience Platform (CXP) that gives you the power to build, launch, and enhance tailored commerce experiences.

Create better commerce experiences with Nosto


Real-time data everywhere

  • All onsite behavior is reflected instantly, in-session
  • Eliminates recommending out-of-stock products


Fast campaign setup and deployment

  • Patented deployment process
  • Single data layer to deliver
    different experiences
  • Usable by anyone on your ecommerce team
  • Launch multi-channel promotions in minutes


More touchpoints covered & enhanced

  • It covers almost all page types
  • Full set of personalization and merchandizing tools
  • Unlimited elements on every page
  • Continuous A/B test optimization against key metrics to reduce revenue loss

Nosto provides a full experience & merchandizing suite infused with authentic content

Nosto’s core capabilities include:

  • Analytics & Dashboard
  • Scheduling & Automation
  • Merchandising Tools
  • Automated Segmentation
  • A/B Testing & MVT
  • Continuous Optimization
  • Catalog Insights
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A sneak peek at Nosto's key features

  • Make better, data-driven decisions
  • Improve overall catalog performance
  • Export data for deeper manipulation
  • Get real-time product performance data
  • Understand your customers on a deeper level
  • Import existing customer data
  • Geolocation features
  • Create segments based on business knowledge
  • Tailor shopping experiences to each customer
  • Maximize the performance of acquisition, re-targeting, and retention campaigns
  • Campaign testing to better target specific audience segments
  • Experience testing to understand how changes impact the user journey
  • Continuous optimization to help drive traffic to the highest performing test variations
  • Merchanidizing insights to see how your personalization efforts affect sales
  • Bird’s eye view of store performance
  • Data collected and organized automatically
  • Understand Nosto’s impact on achieving your business goals
  • Combine and master your data for a holistic and complete overview of your performance on and off site
  • Powered by NLP algorithms and AI, and designed for ecommerce
  • Delivers hyper-relevant search results
  • Endlessly self-learns and adjusts accordingly
  • AI synonyms
  • Error tolerant spell check
  • Automated seasonality
  • Supports 30+ languages
  • Contextual dynamic filters
  • Predictive product autocomplete
  • Insightful analytics
  • Autocomplete keyword suggestions
  • Content search
  • Optimize and customize search results without decreasing relevancy
  • 1:1 personalization and segment targeting capabilities
  • Global merchandizing rules
  • Product highlighting rules
  • Query rules
  • AB testing functionality
  • Tailored newsletters sent via Klaviyo integration
  • Abandoned cart emails
  • Transactional emails
  • “We miss you” emails
  • “Order follow-up emails
  • AI & segment-based pop-ups
  • Behavior-and-trigger-based pop-ups
  • Reduce cart abandonment
  • Increase email subscriptions
  • Convert hesitant shoppers
  • Advanced filtering
  • “Shop the look” bundles
  • “Don’t forget” bundles
  • “Package deal” bundles
  • Cross-selling and up-selling
  • Best-sellers & trending products
  • Personalized landing pages
  • Search recommendations
  • Decrease touchpoints with the size selector
  • Boost paid ads
  • User-generated ratings, content & reviews
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Nosto: One platform to create complete relevance and personalization

Nosto’s experience platform lets you use your data from all modules (Content Personalization, Product Recommendations, Catalog Explorer, and more), and allows you to easily:

  • Create new segments to drive revenue growth opportunities
  • Gain insight into shopper intent to help identify trending products and empowers you to act quickly
  • Build personalized experiences at every touchpoint to boost conversion and increase revenue per visitor
  • Continually enhance the onsite search experience via AB testing

Vaimo partners with Nosto to personalize your customer experiences and grow brand loyalty. Ready to get started?

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