The 2019 European eCommerce growth rate would make even the Chinese President, Xi Jinping, jealous. A recent webinar, Europe 2020: Ecommerce Region Report revealed a 14.2% increase in eCommerce across Europe.

As a Magento Agency since 2008, we have partnered with brands across Europe and the rest of the world to bring world-class online shopping experiences to the end customers. In both B2C and B2B, our clients are setting the standard for success in eCommerce. But, we are also proud that on a macro-level the European population increasingly sees eCommerce as the best option to get the products they love. As an Adobe Platinum Partner and Magento Global Elite Solution Partner, we are committed to helping our clients stay a step ahead and bring exceptional customer experiences.

The European Ecommerce report provides data across 34 European countries and gives an overview of eCommerce by region and individual country. The report uses 2019 statistics mainly from Eurostat, RetailX Analysis, Statista, and National Ecommerce Associations. Here’s a few statistics gleaned from the report.

European Ecommerce Growth

  • 2019 eCommerce sales growth: + 14.22%
  • 2020 projected eCommerce sales growth: + 12.72%
  • Annual eCommerce growth: + 10% since 2015

Ecommerce by European Region

The Rise of E-GDP

E-GDP is the percentage of GDP encompassed by the annual B2C eCommerce turnover. The leader in E-GDP is by far the UK with 7.9% with Denmark in second with 6.4%. The percentage is hardly surprising with 91% of the UK population being E-Shoppers (also the highest) and 200 Billion € generated annually online, which is nearly double the other closest European country, France, with 103 Billion € generated annually.

European countries, as expected, display various growth rates and differing levels of eCommerce activity.

Percentage of Population Shopping Online:
  • 83% – Western Europe
  • 36% – Eastern Europe
  • 79% – Northern Europe
  • 55% – Southern Europe
B2C eCommerce Turnover Growth Rate: Share of Total European Ecommerce Turnover by Region
  • 12.59% – Western Europe
  • 26.55% – Eastern Europe
  • 12.29% – Northern Europe
  • 22.49% – Southern Europe
Share of Total European Ecommerce Turnover by Region
  • 70% – Western Europe
  • 15% – Southern Europe
  • 7% – Northern Europe
  • 6% – Central Europe
  • 1% – Eastern Europe

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Frequency of Online Purchases

The majority of E-shoppers made over 3 online purchases over the past 3 months! The UK outperformed their other European counterparts: 24% of UK users made 6-10 purchases online.

EU – 28: Frequency of Online Purchases over the Last 3 Months:
  • 1 or 2 Times: 32%
  • 3 to 5 Times: 34%
  • 6 to 10 Times: 17%

Vaimo Tip: Customer experience plays an important role in sales and repeat purchases. Stephen Hill, Vaimo’s Senior Ecommerce Strategist recently hosted a webinar on how to increase conversions through an excellent user experience.


The state border lines on the map play less of a role than they once did, especially in eCommerce. Despite the change, national sellers still attract the majority of online users.

Percentage of Users making Online Purchases from:
  • National Sellers: 87%
  • Sellers abroad (other EU or non-EU countries): 45%
  • Sellers from Other EU Countries: 35%
  • Sellers from the rest of the world (non-EU): 27%

Vaimo Tip:  If you’re looking to sell to customers in different countries and languages, a Magento Commerce Cloud is a great platform of choice for you. Our client’s Helly Hansen’s site was the biggest project hosted on the Magento Commerce Cloud with 27 stores in total and 4 languages added initially. Today, Helly Hansen hosts 35 stores on one Magento installation in 7 different languages.

Security Concerns

While sagas about data breaches don’t fill movie theatres with popcorn-eating cinephiles, security concerns still fill the psyche of the everyday consumer. From buying a new pair of Nikes to downloading Quentin Tarantino’s latest gem, consumers fear for their data along the way.


Ordering or buying goods or services: 18%

Carrying out internet banking: 15%

Downloading software or apps, music, video files, games or other data files: 19%

Vaimo Tip: Human error caused 90% of cyber data breaches in 2019 according to CybSafe analysis of data from the UK Information Commissioner’s Office. Read more about Vaimo’s Data Breach Monitoring tool and how we ensuring proactive security in eCommerce.

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