Omnichannel Customer Experience

At Vaimo, we work across both physical and digital channels, to create true, omnichannel customer experiences. This is what customers expect of brands today, and those who fail to deliver will not last long.

Optimizing the customer experience involves looking at every touchpoint throughout the customer journey. Taking on this project can feel daunting, and many companies postpone getting started simply because they don’t know where to start. But considering that customer experience is the most important differentiator in today’s ecommerce landscape, not working proactively with CX optimization will damage your business.

Having helped hundreds of ecommerce companies develop and optimize their CX, Vaimo brings tried and tested methodologies and best practices that can quickly be adapted to each new use case. Our roadmaps and plug-and-play action plans will save you months of research, testing, and strategizing, and help you get laser-focused on the right things, in the right order.

A Holistic View of the Customer Journey

A common challenge for ecommerce businesses is creating a unified and seamless buyer experience. Different departments and teams often own different parts of the customer journey, resulting in a fragmented customer experience.

Aligning all parts of the organization around common goals, with the customer journey as the common focal point, is essential to ecommerce success. At Vaimo, we have extensive experience in helping ecommerce businesses break down departmental silos and build processes that allow everyone to pull in the same direction.

A Tried-And-Tested Cx Roadmap

Customer Experience Rating

Before you set out to optimize the buyer’s journey, it’s essential to understand what is already working well – and what isn’t. A thorough analysis of your current situation is always the best place to start. Before you decide where you want to go, you need to understand where you are. Our Customer Experience Rating will help you assess the current CX state and understand what actions and improvements will have the most impact.

Industry Benchmarks

Vaimo works with hundreds of ecommerce businesses within different industries and niches. We work with companies of all sizes, within B2C, B2B, and D2C. And while many companies have a lot of things in common, some challenges and opportunities are industry-specific. Our 12+ years of experience working with a wide variety of companies means we can provide benchmark data for your segment to help you set the right goals – and understand the potential in working proactively with CX.

Qualitative Customer Insights

To get the complete picture of how customers experience your brand, you need to ask them. Not only in an automated and digitized way but in person. It’s often in those deeper conversations that you can uncover hidden truths about how your brand is seen and thought of. Usually, those interviews are best performed by a third party to ensure the answers are as sincere as possible. We offer qualitative customer insights based on 1:1 interviews – both in-store and digitally. We then help you turn those findings into an actionable plan.

Quantitative Customer Insights

To understand how your CX is perceived at scale, it’s also essential to gather quantitative data. This can be done in many ways, through digital surveys, email, chatbots, or NPS scores. It’s important to remember that these surveys are also part of and contribute to the overall customer experience. We can help you set up the processes for this, and we can help you perform the surveys in a way that strengthens your brand. And then, we can help you understand and take action on the results.

The Vaimo CXR Framework (Customer Experience Rating)

At Vaimo, we offer all our clients the opportunity to measure and rate their digital customer experience by providing a data-driven score. This score spans across four high-level categories in 12 specific areas and allows us to rate the current digital commerce experience through an impartial and standardized approach.

Individual measures are used in the evaluation to test adherence to best practices and create a list of opportunities that can be categorized in short-term quick wins and new opportunities for consideration. The focus is on closing the gap between the brand promise and the experience delivered.

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CXR: The Outcome

Our CX Rating will provide clarity on what and how to improve the customer experience – to drive higher conversions and increased loyalty. It can be used for inspiration or as a tool to plan your optimization activities. What you get:

  • A scoring across twelve areas of Customer Experience Excellence
  • A 40-60 pager report with identified improvements & examples
  • Top 10 summary of items with the highest impact
  • Walkthrough of all findings

Outside-In Perspective

Optimizing the customer experience requires a deep understanding of the customer journey and what it looks like from your customers’ point of view. Applying an outside-in perspective rather than an inside-out one is crucial to building good CX.

We can help you translate data and insights into touchpoints and CX concepts so that you can communicate to every part of your organization what needs to be done, why it needs to be done, and how you plan on doing it. To have complete buy-in from everyone in the company is fundamental to building great customer experiences, and to get that, communication and collaboration is critical.

Immersive Experience Across Touchpoints

Creating customer experiences that will wow your customers, and make them come back again and again, is a complex process. It requires both an overview and extreme attention to detail. A customer experience is never better than the last interaction someone had with your brand – whether that was a phone call, an email, or an ad that showed up in their feed. Every single touchpoint should be optimized to drive conversions and retention, and to achieve that; you need structure.

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