We’re very pleased to announce that Vaimo’s Oleksandr Kravchuk has been selected as a 2020 Magento Master.

Oleksandr’s award was based on his GitHub contributions, serving as a Community Maintainer on GitHub and educating the community through speaking engagements.

The Magento Masters program recognises the top contributors in the Magento ecosystem worldwide under the categories: Movers, Mentors and Makers. And it’s the latter that Oleksandr has been awarded for. ‘Makers’ are recognised for their frequent contribution to Magento and its community members. They’re known for actively engaging with others in the Magento Community—sharing ideas, insights, and constructive feedback.

Based at Vaimo Ukraine, Oleksandr is a Certified Magento 2 Professional Developer with more than 5 years’ experience in software development. He’s involved in various areas of the Magento ecosystem as a Community Contributor (notably to the M2 Inventory Project) and a Community Maintainer. He also took part in the development of Magento’s In-Store Pickup functionality, presenting its progress at various Magento events across Europe.


“I’m really happy and proud that my contribution has been recognised by Magento and that they’ve decided to make me a Magento Master 2020. Next up in my plans is to bring In-Store Pickup to life in 2.4 and to continue participating in, and contributing to the Magento Community!”

Oleksandr Kravchuk, Vaimo

We’d like to offer our warmest congratulations to Oleksandr on this amazing achievement. We’re incredibly proud to hear about the positive difference that he’s making in the Magento Community and for our clients globally. Well done, Oleksandr!

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Cover image source: www.magento.com