Why design matters?

Great ecommerce design is always customer-centric. It focuses on making every interaction with your brand as smooth and enjoyable as possible. The right digital commerce design will reduce friction in the buyer journey, from the first stage of awareness and discovery to conversion and beyond. It helps build trust, strengthens your brand, and drives traffics and conversions.

At Vaimo, we help ecommerce businesses build beautiful online stores that convert visitors into paying customers. Our Experience Design team combines rich visuals, ecommerce psychology, and technical know-how to help your business deliver world-class digital experiences.

Bounce rate can affect your SEO and presents a challenge for all website owners. Below, we’ve collected data on the top reasons why visitors leave a website. All these metrics are affected and improved by the right ecommerce web design.

The process of designing and building an online store for your business, enabling you to sell services or products digitally. Successful ecommerce design is not only about building a website, it’s about designing an enjoyable online shopping experience to drive ROI.


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How design helps business growth

Design will depend on your brand and the feeling you want to convey. If you’re selling a B2C brand within apparel, electronics, beauty products, health, auto, or sports, or if you’re in the B2B segment selling services, SaaS, or manufacturing, this will, of course, impact the visual design of your website. But whether you opt for a minimalist design in black and white, or bright colors and imagery, the primary goal of every ecommerce website remains the same: to instill trust.

Design for trust

Buyers are increasingly concerned about privacy and want to know that your site will protect their personal data with secure transactions. If your website doesn’t seem trustworthy, shoppers will immediately go elsewhere. This is important to keep in mind throughout all parts of your page design, from the front page through to the checkout process.

Engaging website/ecommerce design

You know what they say about first impressions, right? Well, they’re probably never more important than in the world of online sales. Research shows that website visitors will decide whether they like your website or not in just 50 milliseconds. That’s how much time you have to make a good impression. Needless to say, design plays a significant role in that.

Conversion focused design

When people visit your ecommerce store, they should be able to quickly and easily identify your value proposition and understand what you have to offer. This is often referred to as making your unique selling proposition (USP) clear on the home page, though it may take more than one page for some sites. If your USP isn’t immediately visible or doesn’t explain why someone should buy from you, then you’re not giving them a reason to buy from you. The right design will guide your visitors through the buyer journey with optimized design elements and call-to-actions.

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A results-driven approach to ecommerce design

We collaborate closely with our clients and let the data guide us, as we help companies create unique and engaging digital ecommerce sites. Great ecommerce design requires deep knowledge and attention to detail. At Vaimo, we help you optimize every part of the customer journey, from product pages and categories to shopping carts, checkout processes, and customer support.

The Vaimo Process


The best way to start a project is with a workshop, where we aim to understand your needs and goals. This is the discovery phase, where we get to know you, your company, and your business objectives. This is where we build a solid foundation for your general visual identity and agree on what is to be updated, refined, and extended.


We also define high-level customer journeys and identify your main customer segments and personas during the initial workshops. Based on our initial findings, we then work together to determine the general look and feel of your ecommerce site and what functionality will be needed to support your key journeys and goals. Typically, this will cover such journey headings as: “Attract customers”, “Product consideration”, “Acquisition”, “Help and Services” and “Loyalty and retention”.


Then we reach the design phase, where it’s time to turn the ideas and visions into reality. We have an efficient process for creating design screens and style guides and sharing the relevant information with you for approval before proceeding. Once you are happy with those drafts, we create interactive prototypes to test and validate the solution before implementation. This ensures immediate results for your business.

Strategy & consulting

  • Create a solid foundation for the general visual identity of your site
  • Define key customer journeys, segments and personas
  • Work with you to define the look and feel and functionality needed
  • Create interactive prototypes to test and validate the solution
  • Deliver unique and effective user interfaces that convert
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Where design meets technology

We operate at the intersection of design and technology. Your website sits at the very core of your communication, marketing, and sales strategy. Therefore, we keep all these competencies in-house – complemented by our extensive technical know-how and experience.

We’ve perfected our framework through hundreds of ecommerce projects and know what it takes to get your business the results you’re looking for. Whether you need a quick turnaround for a smaller project, or a complete website redesign and development, we’re happy to help.

Design is a process. We cultivate a learning mindset and are constantly upskilling to stay at the forefront of the industry. Ecommerce is a rapidly changing and evolving field, and remaining agile and nimble is a crucial success factor. Your potential customer expects the best shopping experience possible, and we’re here to help you surpass their expectations.

At Vaimo, we’re experts in all things ecommerce.

Every day we work with brands, retailers, and manufacturers worldwide to create winning customer experiences. We’d love to help you take your ecommerce design and solution design to the next level and build an ecommerce site that gives your brand a competitive edge. Get in touch with our team of experts to learn how we can help you optimize your ecommerce experiences and help you stand out from your competitors.

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