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What are your business goals? Based on your objectives, our experienced growth consultants help you create a winning ecommerce strategy. We’ve spent the last 15 years helping ecommerce businesses exceed their ambitions. We help you establish clarity and alignment around your business objectives and construct a concrete roadmap for your entire organization. We use our tried and tested accelerators and frameworks built for digital commerce to accelerate your results and project execution.

An ecommerce strategy roadmap involves actionable steps and detailed tactics for achieving your goals across different areas of your business, and a timeframe for the plan.

What is an ecommerce strategy?

An ecommerce strategy is a comprehensive plan that involves key actionable steps across your organization to achieve your overall business objectives. An ecommerce strategy will likely involve separate approaches for technology, products and services, customer relationships, and corporate processes.

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“We combine a multi-disciplined set of skills to focus on one thing: Growing your business. Whether it’s increasing your traffic, conversion, average order size, onboarding, or retention.

We define the “why,” “what,” and “how” to help you succeed in your business objectives.

The value we bring to you breaks down across four areas:

  • We facilitate, build, and help to run your tactical and functional roadmap.
  • We keep a sharp focus on the commercial value of your projects and activities.
  • We are your day-to-day digital advisor on tactical and functional improvements.
  • We run a consistent process for monitoring, improving and course-correcting.

We put your unique plan into action with a roadmap to assess the impact, costs, dependencies, and timings of your initiatives. We use our experience from working with clients in the digital arena for the last 15 years. We know what really works.”

Henrik Feld-Jakobsen, Chief Strategy Officer, Vaimo

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What we do

+ Define – We help you define and set the right goals and KPIs within the right timeframe.
+ Guide – Our experience and industry insight means we have the wisdom to guide you to our tried and tested approaches where needed.
+ Innovate – We guide you on where you can get creative and innovate within your goals and budget.
+ Expand – With clients worldwide, we have global insights on ecommerce tactics to foster expansion.
+ Execute – We combine high-level strategic vision with hands-on capabilities to execute strategies all the way to your desired results.

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How we do it: digital strategy roadmap

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Establish mutual understanding

In the first stage, we look at key areas of your organization, including:

  • Digital program overview
  • Analytics
  • Competitor insights
  • Industry trends
  • Business insights
  • Customer insights
  • Your people and processes
  • Your website experience
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Set ambition level

In the next stage, we summarize our insights and conclusion into a complete situation analysis. We define your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to help measure your progress.

During this pivotal stage, we:

  • Define vision and goals
  • Establish success factors and KPIs
  • Identify gaps and opportunities using Digital Maturity Assessment and Customer Experience Rating tools
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Build and execute roadmap

We build your tailored roadmap by moving through an ideation phase and a qualifying phase, where we create an impact matrix for your business case.

Then, we build an actionable, visual roadmap to outline your journey to success.

Our final roadmap includes:

  • Thematic streams built in a time-based, visual roadmap
  • Updates monthly, and reviews quarterly

Different types of roadmaps

Our roadmap helps align your focus and priorities and creates clarity on the most important projects for your business.

We work with multiple types of roadmaps that all serve different purposes:

  • We use our technology and feature roadmap as a development roadmap. The main aim is to identify dependencies in the business between larger IT projects. This creates clarity on what technology and functionality should be developed and launched.
  • Our tactical roadmap determines when a specific initiative should be launched. This could be a new service, a loyalty offer, or a specific business focus for a period of time. This roadmap blends business and technical projects
  • We use our campaign and content roadmap, also known as a campaign calendar, when we expect to release bigger campaigns.
  • Our high-level strategy roadmap provides a helicopter perspective on all digital projects. These roadmaps generally cover a 2-3 year span, with major projects highlighted that your business needs to unite around.
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Road mapping

We take an inclusive approach to the process of road mapping. We anchor the roadmap in your business by using it to pave the ground for projects. We build a visually appealing and easy-to-understand roadmap you can share throughout your organization. We help you execute and drive the roadmap through routine reviews, check-ins, and updates of the roadmap in defined intervals.

We usually create our roadmaps based on:

  • Business input
  • Existing projects and/or backlog
  • Customer insights and opportunity spaces identified through customer interviews
  • Ideation (ideas from the business on services and functionalities)
  • Technology cycles
  • Overall strategy (main objectives needed to reach goals)
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Our strategy toolbox

Are you curious about the tools we use to measure your company’s current digital standing? Here are two tools you can sign up for before using our Consulting service.

Our digital readiness assessment framework can assist you in identifying your current digital capabilities and performance. Knowing your strengths and areas that need improvement will enable you to prioritize your organization’s focus areas to speed up your digital strategy and activities.

Go to the Digital Readiness Assessment »

Our customer experience rating service offers insight into how to enhance your customer experience, leading to higher conversions and greater loyalty. It can be a source of ideas or a guide to planning your optimization efforts.

Go to CX Rating Service »


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How Vaimo can help

Our Ecommerce Strategy is right for you if:

  • You have business goals without a clear plan for achieving them
  • You don’t have established business goals
  • You have an ecommerce strategy, but it’s not working
  • You’d like to define a new ecommerce strategy with expert advice

At Vaimo, we’re experienced practitioners with best practices in defined methodologies and customer experience. A great ecommerce strategy always starts with the customer and an outside-in perspective.

We help you become truly customer-centric by putting your customers at the center of everything we do.

Talk to our Ecommerce Strategy experts today »

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