Stockholm, Sweden, October 19th, 2017 – Vaimo and transcosmos have announced that transcosmos has made a follow-up investment in Vaimo with the aim of strengthening the partnership. This second investment reinforces the partnership which Vaimo and transcosmos entered into on September 9th, 2015, which saw transcosmos invest in Vaimo. While transcosmos bolsters its presence in the European market, Vaimo can continue to offer clients a portal into the Asian commerce market.

Established in 2008, Vaimo is a globally renowned strategic partner and supplier of omnichannel solutions that offers digital experiences on the Magento commerce platform and PIM solutions on inRiver Product Marketing Cloud and Akeneo Open Source platform. In 9 years, Vaimo has deployed over 400 solutions, burgeoned from 3 to over 300 employees, and opened 15 offices in 12 countries worldwide. This year, Vaimo was named one of five Magento Global Elite Partners and was recognised as the Magento Commercial Partner of the Year. The second investment from Vaimo’s partner, transcosmos, further bolsters Vaimo’s financial positioning and creates more opportunities for larger growth.

“We are very happy with the follow-on investment from transcosmos and their belief and support in our growth. We have been working closely together with transcosmos since the initial strategic partnership was signed in 2015 and have managed to grow our presence and client-base in Japan. The additional investment helps us to continue our high year-on-year growth, enter new markets and broaden our solution offering to merchants globally even further,” says David Holender, CEO of Vaimo.

transcosmos formed the original partnership with Vaimo with the intention of creating a gateway for their clients into the European market and vice versa help Vaimo’s clients to enter Asian markets. Moving forward, transcosmos will deepen its partnerships with TRANSCOSMOS (UK) LIMITED, the sales and business base of the company in London, UK, and transcosmos Information Systems Limited (TCIS), their UK-based call centre/BPO services company that encompasses service offices in the UK, USA, Hungary, Romania, Poland, and the Philippines.

Founded in 1966 in Japan and currently listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, transcosmos has expanded across Southeast Asia and internationally. transcosmos employs over 35,000 individuals in 18 countries across the world. The Asian e-commerce powerhouse provides end-to-end solutions, which includes creating digital stores, marketing, and customer service to manage logistics and warehouses for merchants and brands looking to enter the Asian market.

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