Year on year we see our roster of clients achieving huge success with their Black Friday sales. And this year is certainly no exception! Let’s have a closer look at the results achieved by our brand, retail and manufacturing clients across the globe.

Firstly, for a higher level perspective, we have chosen the top 24 performing clients from across Vaimo’s country units. Results have then been compared between Black Friday 2017 and the same day in 2018.

This year, our 24 top performing clients brought in a whopping €19,743,345.00 across a combined total of 101,747 orders.

Compared to 2017, this represents total Black Friday revenue growth of 140.36% for our clients. This is a fantastic accomplishment and is echoed in other KPI increases such as conversions, traffic and sessions.

2017 2018 2018 vs 2017
Revenue €8,213,779.00 €19,743,345.00 140.36%
Orders 59,042.00 101,747.00 72.32%

Revenue Top 10

Let’s now take a look at the top 10 performing clients in terms of revenue. As can be seen, the theme of strong sales certainly resonates here with some clients doubling and even tripling their revenue compared to 2017. With such positive results across industries, sectors and countries, it’s clear to see that the Black Friday weekend is as powerful as ever in boosting online sales. 

(Please note that due to privacy reasons, specific client names are not displayed).

Revenue top 10 2018 2018 vs 2017 Growth
€8,609,458.52 286.79%
€1,909,499.47 16.42%
€1,187,556.89 85.73%
€965,671.84 1.47%
€942,428.89 42.32%
€745,961.88 52.43%
€744,852.34 226.86%
€713,510.36 48.96%
€692,648.11  62.85%
€346,321.43  24.42%

Order Volume Top 10

The above results are reflected in the huge order volumes that were seen by Vaimo clients on Black Friday compared to 2017. Our top performer here managed to drive nearly 25,000 individual transactions—an increase of 219% on last year. Coupled with the above revenue figures, it’s safe to say that our clients witnessed dramatic gains year on year.

Order Volume Top 10 2018 2018 vs 2017 Growth
24,472 219.52%
17,174 7.35%
6,292 38.16%
5,932 18.47%
5,843 50.60%
5,364 19.20%
4,252 17.85%
4,142 -4.98%
4,080 7.00%
3,532 -4.54%

Key Insights from Black Friday 2018

Working closely with our clients to ensure maximum site performance, here are a few of the key insights that we took away from this year’s purchasing:

  • On Black Friday, customers tended to check out on desktop more than usual. Mobile was certainly still a significant traffic driver, but both tablet and mobile conversion rates and revenue percentages were down.
  • Are people saving their money in the lead-up to Black Friday, making the rest of November a slow sales month? Not so, according to our figures. Three to four days before Black Friday, we did witness a general decrease in sales of around 20-30% (on those clients we checked). But the week beforehand and afterwards, we saw sales returning to the original point.
  • We found that email marketing is an essential driver in Black Friday traffic and revenue. Retailers use email in the run-up to the Black Friday weekend to build anticipation and excitement and to tease their offers—and it’s working. Unsurprisingly, social traffic is also on an upward trend.
  • Year after year, we’re finding that Black Friday is slowly blending into Black Week or even Black November for merchants.
  • The aim and long-term objectives of Black Friday are not the same for every business. We’ve looked at both revenue and orders in this article which act as a good measuring stick, but these aren’t the only figures which can demonstrate Black Friday success. Think also about your long-term customer lifetime value, transaction costs and margins. There’s more to Black Friday than just your immediate bottom line.

That’s all for now for this year’s results. We’d like to take the opportunity again to congratulate our clients on what has been a very impressive Black Friday.

And now we’ll be working with our clients to ensure that this result is matched and exceeded for 2019!

At Vaimo we partner with brands, retailers and manufacturers across the world to accelerate their B2C and B2B online sales. Contact us today if you’d like to hear how we can help grow your sales with our award-winning digital storefronts.