Stockholm, 22 September 2016

Vaimo, a leading global Magento solutions partner, and Klarna, one of Europe’s fastest-growing companies that offers payment solutions for online storefronts, have launched a new project together that allows merchants to drive their eCommerce growth with the support of two industry leaders.

The new co-offer provides merchants the full spectrum of eCommerce services from Vaimo, an eCommerce pioneer who has delivered hundreds of eCommerce solutions for top global brands on the Magento platform. The plan also grants merchants the opportunity to receive payment services from Klarna, a payment solutions expert that provides end customers with the simplest, risk-free buying experience that inevitably boosts checkout conversions.

The new plan permits merchants to pay for their eCommerce solution over a three-year period with a transparent and predictable budget in lieu of a large upfront investment. This means that it’s in both parties’ best interest to grow the merchant’s online business and drive sales for mutual success.

The plan perfectly suits merchants who are currently running their digital storefront on the Magento Community platform, but want to invest into Magento Enterprise; or retailers who are currently using the Magento Enterprise 1.x version, but would like to update their platform to Magento 2.0. The plan is also meant for merchants who would like to change their existing eCommerce platform, or want to enter the digital landscape for the first time.

“For midsize retailers or brick-and-mortar stores with the ambition to go online, it can be difficult to build the utmost web presence from the start, which of course is an obstacle for growth. For us it’s of strategic importance to be able to offer an alternative payment model and to strengthen our partnership with Klarna. We estimate that about half of our clients will be enrolled in the new payment model in a few years,”

David Holender, CEO of Vaimo.

Vaimo is collaborating with Klarna on a global level. The integrated solution and the payment model is released initially in Sweden, followed by the UK prior to the global launch.

“The key to success is simply a genuine partnership between the retailer, Vaimo and Klarna. We know how complicated and risky a larger investment can be for e-retailers. This solution not only eliminates thresholds but also creates a common incentive for all partners to work for the retailers’ success,” says Max Emilson, Vice President Channel Sales at Klarna.

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