We’re delighted to introduce our brand new webinar series brought to you by Vaimo and our partner Akeneo. Throughout September, the brightest minds in the product information space will be broadcasting directly to your speakers as we tackle the leading product data challenges. The webinar findings are based on the results of Vaimo’s Pimometer Ⓡ Survey, completed by over 100 industry-leading merchants.

With these exclusive insights, you’ll have the knowledge to transform your product data experience and increase sales.

Let’s take a look at the webinar schedule—be sure to sign up today and get those dates bookmarked in the diary!

Episode 1: Boost Sales with Perfect Product Data

Online Webinar: 30minutes + Q&A

Watch the episode 1 recording

In episode 1, we’ll get you up to speed on the 4 Cs of sales conversion:

  • Consolidation: how consolidated data can increase sales when using several vendors
  • Communication: teaching your teams to focus on product experience to increase sales
  • Comparison: the good, the bad and the ugly sites
  • Competition: can you compete with the products on your site?


James_Barlow_ PJ Utsi
James Barlow
UK Country Manager at Akeneo

PJ Utsi
Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer at Vaimo

Watch the recording!

Get the episode 1 recording here!

Episode 2: Streamlining Supplier Data Made Easy

Online Webinar: 30minutes + Q&A

Watch the episode 2 recording

In episode 2, our expert speakers will be exploring how to effectively onboard new suppliers at speed to respond to changing market conditions. Here are some of the topics we’ll be discussing:

  • How to set up new suppliers in the most efficient way
  • How PIM ensures quality control and eliminates human error
  • How digital transformation will enable agile decision-making in response to recent trends


Tony_Akeneo Sergey1
Tony Majidi
Benelux Sales Manager at Akeneo
Sergey Morin
Country Manager at Vaimo Poland
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Get the episode 2 recording here!

Episode 3: Inspire Customers with an Enriched Product Experience

Online Webinar: 30minutes + Q&A

Watch the episode 3 recording

In a competitive eCommerce environment, product experience is the key differentiator in helping brands connect with their customers. In episode 3, you’ll hear how you can supercharge your product experience and increase your brand loyalty as a result. Let’s take a detailed look at our talking points for this webinar:

  • What’s meant by enriched data
  • What you can do to improve product experience
  • The secret formula for calculating catalogue volume
  • How to combat recurring challenges
  • Spring clean management


Tanguy_headshot magnus bengtsson
Tanguy Meriadec
Northern Europe and APAC Sales Manager at Akeneo
  Magnus Bengtsson
Sales Manager at Vaimo PIM
Watch the recording!

Get the episode 3 recording here!