What to expect in 2023

Current global events sent macroeconomic shockwaves worldwide, and the effects are still unfolding. Rampant price increases in transportation, housing, and energy costs affect every vertical market.

In parallel, stock markets are losing value, and global inflation decreases capital value while driving up capital costs in the financial market. Meanwhile, the global supply shortage has taken a back seat to other disruptive global economic challenges.

Where does this scenario leave us when projecting the top ecommerce trends for 2023?


What is the Ecommerce Trends Report?

The Ecommerce Trends Report 2023 is Vaimo’s annual report from top experts from leading digital commerce agencies. Each thought leader has insight from their field, and provides a forecast for the coming year.




What to expect from the Ecommerce Trends Report

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What can I learn from the report?

  • Discover how sustainability can be used as a business driver
  • Learn how more companies are investing in inventory-aware search
  • How to attract Gen Z with circularity
  • Understand how user experience is becoming a key differentiator for ecommerce technologies
  • How to think about risk from different perspectives



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Meet our partners

The Ecommerce Trends Report is Vaimo’s annual report from leading digital service and product providers. Each thought leader has insight from their field and offers a forecast for the coming year. Below, you’ll discover the industry leaders who provided the knowledge for our report.

  • Vaimo – Expert in digital commerce and experience
  • Contentful – Leading composable content platform
  • commercetools – Leading commerce solution built on MACH
  • Akeneo – Product information management
  • Inriver – Product information management
  • Algolia – The best search and discovery platform
  • VueStorefront – Frontend as a service for headless commerce
  • Klevu – AI-powered discovery suite
  • DotDigital – Cross-channel marketing automation platform
  • Yotpo – Ecommerce marketing platform


Why the 2023 trends report matters

“2023 will drive digital transformation to de-risk business models. Instead of using aggressive growth programs, businesses will focus on cost optimization to deliver direct ROI with short investment horizons.”

Gillis Hedlund | Strategy & Consulting Lead, Vaimo Sweden


Download the Trends Report

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