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Vaimo is passionate about good customer service. With experience from over 100 Zendesk implementations, expertise in support and customer service processes, we know how to build world-class solutions. Our solutions create the conditions for successful customer experiences, strong customer relationships and competitiveness.

Vaimo has been a Zendesk top tier (Premier) partner for several years. With offices around the world, we can help you onsite, in your local language.

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What is Zendesk?
Zendesk is a customer service and IT support platform designed to help you create customer relationships that are more meaningful, personal and productive. The family of Zendesk products enables you to be more accessible in the channels your customer prefers, flexible by adding new support channels gradually, and scalable by dynamically growing the solution. Zendesk helps improve communication and create value in all data generated.

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Your guide to the key features of Zendesk

Automated ticketing system

An Automated Ticketing System allows customers to submit tickets and track their progress.

Self-service portal

The Self-Service Portal lets customers search for answers to their questions and find solutions to their problems.

Knowledge base

The Knowledge Base empowers customers to find answers to their questions quickly and easily.

Live chat

The Live Chat feature lets customers communicate with customer service representatives in real time.

Reporting and analytics

The Reporting and Analytics tools allow customer service representatives to track customer service performance and identify areas for improvement.

Multi-channel support

Multi-Channel Support allows customers to contact customer service representatives via phone, email, chat, and social media.

How we work with Zendesk

With over 100 Zendesk implementations over the last 10 years for customers in various geographical locations and industries, we not only have extensive knowledge of Zendesk but also bring valuable experiences and best practices to the table.

To increase the efficiency of handling incoming requests and leverage the value of Zendesk, customers sometimes need to integrate it with external applications. Vaimo has built numerous custom applications that integrate Zendesk with systems for creating service orders, CRM systems to strengthen the connection between sales and customer service, and ERP systems to track logistic flows.

Since Zendesk has an open API, integrations are easy and quick to build.

After go-live, customers understand and learn to see more of the opportunities and value that Zendesk can bring. Vaimo offers services to ensure that these topics are brought up, discussed, and implemented to derive the most value from the investment over time.

Vaimo always takes care of change management and trains agents and administrators on system functionality and custom-built workflows before the go-live. After the training, we provide takeaway documentation from the training sessions.

An important functionality is the ability to analyze historical ticket data, which can be found in Zendesk under the Explore application. Understanding the characteristics and volumes of tickets received will provide a solid foundation for planning your workforce, adjusting workflows, or creating Q&A for your customers. If the out-of-the-box reports do not provide all the information needed, Vaimo can customize those reports for you.

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Key benefits

Gain control and structure of your customer dialogues
Ensure that every incoming request is handled promptly and by the appropriate individuals. Monitor your response times and resolution times to minimize the number of interactions needed to resolve requests.

Automate and streamline workflows
Leverage Zendesk to automate tasks such as customer reminders, ticket assignment to relevant teams, and creation of automatic replies and suggestions. This frees up handling agents to focus on tasks that truly add value for customers.

Meet the customers where they are
Zendesk offers omnichannel capabilities, allowing you to engage with customers across various communication channels. Regardless of where tickets are created, they are visible to handling agents in a single view. Vaimo can assist in analyzing ticket distribution and activating communication on selected channels.

Drive self help
Not all customers require assistance during your business hours. By transitioning from a reactive to a proactive support approach through knowledge articles and instructional documentation, customers can access information and Q&A at any time. Depending on your business type, a significant portion of tickets can be deflected. As Zendesk’s AI functionality improves, self-service features will lead to substantial cost savings.

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What we offer with Zendesk

You’ll receive your Zendesk license through Vaimo, and we assist you with license management, providing recommendations on the licenses you truly need, and offering continuous support, development, and improvement services. Having been with you since the start of your Zendesk journey, we are familiar with your system, understand your business, and can provide customized recommendations based on your needs and our extensive product knowledge and insights gained from other customers in the market.

We have developed several custom integrations to enhance the functionality and efficiency of customer service operations and support staff.

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Implementation process

The implementation time for a Zendesk project typically ranges between 3-6 weeks, depending on complexity factors such as custom integrations and data migrations, which may extend the duration. For the implementation process, Vaimo follows a well-defined approach supported by documents to ensure efficiency and speed.

The implementation process includes:

Discovery workshop: This initial session identifies your workflows and key requirements.
System configuration: Following the workshop, we configure your system and hold weekly project meetings.
Testing phase: We involve you in tests for understanding and verification as soon as possible.
User Acceptance Testing (UAT): Upon completing the configuration, we conduct UAT on selected workflows and make any necessary corrections.
Training: Training sessions for your handling agents and other key personnel occur shortly before the agreed go-live date.

We recommend setting up a support contract for the first year of operation. This support covers requests from your agents and admins, as well as continuous improvement activities. These activities ensure that the solution fully utilizes the platform’s value and incorporates best practices from other Zendesk customers, while also addressing any organizational changes or challenges you may face.

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How Vaimo can help

Zendesk excels not only in B2C scenarios but also in B2B contexts and internal customer service environments. Its remarkable flexibility and robustness empower businesses across diverse industries. From retail to manufacturing, Zendesk can be seamlessly tailored to address a wide array of needs and challenges.

Are you ready to unlock the full potential of Zendesk for your business? Let Vaimo be your guide. With our wealth of experience in Zendesk implementations, integrations, and ongoing support, we’re here to ensure your customer service operations thrive. From seamless implementation to ongoing optimization, our team is dedicated to delivering solutions tailored to your unique needs. Reach out to us today and let’s embark on this journey together to elevate your customer experience to new heights.

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