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Working with Vaimo

Vaimo has developed a highly-customised, user-friendly website catering to both B2B and B2C customers for BAUHAUS Sweden. We have been working together with BAUHAUS Sweden since 2011, and have launched multiple ecommerce projects and are constantly updating the solution to meet dynamic market changes head-on and continuously surpass customer expectations.

Bauhaus results


Year-on-year increase in visitors


Year-on-year increase in transactions


Year-on-year revenue growth

The solution

User-friendly customer experience is the focus of the solution from start to finish. Starting with automatic stock visibility for the closest store location and personalised back-in-stock notifications to a convenient on-site track and trace and ground-breaking RMA solution, providing a great user experience in the returns process.

“Vaimo has helped BAUHAUS bring the complexity of home improvement retail to the web in a simple and cost-efficient manner. They have delivered a stable advanced commerce platform through multiple projects that supports our growth and our business. Vaimo is a group of energetic people with a proven track record of delivering valuable solutions on a consistent basis.”

Steen Hestehauge

VD at BAUHAUS ehandels AB

BAUHAUS Sweden B2B portal

The BAUHAUS Sweden B2B portal offers a main account with connected sub-accounts. The owner of the account can administer different employees and oversee their individual payment options. The account owner also controls how much credit is left for the overall account.

The B2B customer portal is fully tailored and API session-based with its own set of payment options and a BAUHAUS credit card, available exclusively for B2B customers. We have also integrated an automatic check from a credit company into the process of applying for an account with BAUHAUS Sweden, significantly decreasing the lead time.


Fail-proof authentication

Vaimo has implemented the Swedish authentication system using a customer’s bank ID and social security number for an iron-clad login system. This connects with the BAUHAUS ERP system, which links the correct account—the customer can select different companies they are associated with using just one login credential. Customers simply log in with their social security number, bank ID and then choose their company.

This authentication system is currently available for B2B customers, but BAUHAUS Sweden is planning on implementing a similar solution for B2C customers in the near future.



BAUHAUS Sweden takes care of all deliveries by themselves (in specific areas of Sweden) instead of using a partner. The pilot project features BAUHAUS Sweden’s own logistics solution with the support of a native internal app for BAUHAUS Sweden employees, which supports deliveries for both B2B and B2C customers. This solution is unique to BAUHAUS, with no one else in Sweden having this function. The native app controls the flow for drivers and distribution centre personnel. There is an integration with a PTV system for routing deliveries and a modified Magento order flow.

BAUHAUS Sweden also has an on-site track and trace system, with estimated delivery times, on-map tracking of the delivery vehicle, and options for the receiver to leave additional information for the driver.

vaimo bauhaus delivery

Features implemented

  • Store locator
  • Click & Collect
  • Installation services available on site
  • Customised API-session based B2B solution
  • Special pricing with price per unit not package
  • Possibility for tier pricing
  • Back in stock notifications
  • Direct accessories and related products as accessories
  • Multi-site
  • Integration of Adobe Commerce to Adyen and Resurs Bank
  • Serving both B2B and B2C clients on one site
  • Yotpo Reviews and Ratings
  • Native app to support BAUHAUS’ own logistics solution

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