What are the benefits of a Digital Strategy Roadmap?

  • Connects short-term improvements to your long-term vision
  • Helps you to identify gaps and opportunities
  • Guides you to improve your customer experience
  • Helps mitigate risks and uncertainties
  • Improves collaboration and communication with all parties involved



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Digital Strategy Roadmapping - The dos and don'ts

What's the key to digital success?

A good digital roadmap. From creating goals, identifying key performance indicators, and identifying activities and projects, you’re ready to build a high-level thematic plan and your digital roadmap.

A good digital roadmap should:

  • Be easily shareable and understood
  • Be easily updated and agile
  • Provide transparency to the vision for all stakeholders
  • Gain alignment and buy-in from team members
  • Get the teams excited about what they are building and delivering


Steps towards a digital strategy

1. Setting goals
2. Defining KPIs
3. Activities & projects
4. A thematic high-level plan
5. A visual time-based roadmap




“After constructing a visual roadmap, you will know where you are headed and how to get there without getting stuck. A roadmap is a useful team guide and speaks to the long-term vision without losing sight of what is needed daily.”

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Nick Branco, Strategy & Growth Consultant, Vaimo UK


Meet our partners

This guide will help you create and develop your own digital strategy roadmap. It includes tips, recommendations, and best practices from leading digital commerce agencies. These are our partners who helped make this guide possible:

  • Contentful – Leading composable content platform
  • commercetools – Leading commerce solution built on MACH
  • Akeneo – Product information management
  • Klevu – AI-powered discovery suite
  • DotDigital – Cross-channel marketing automation platform
  • VueStorefront – Frontend as a service for headless commerce


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At Vaimo, we help our clients build and develop their digital strategies in digital commerce, content management, data management, and insights and activation, tailoring technical solutions to suit each business’s specific needs.

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