How would your customers rate their experience?

Delivering a seamless and inspirational customer experience ensures your competitive advantage. It drives engagement, brand loyalty, and growth.

Do you know if you’re knocking it out of the park, or would your customers make a few improvements?

Our best-practice scorecard rates your customer experience on more than 150 parameters. The scorecard is based on our experience designing and optimizing digital customer experiences for leading brands, manufacturers, and retailers globally for more than 14 years.

What is customer experience?

Customer experience (CX) refers to the overall perception that a customer has of a company, brand, or organization based on their interactions and engagements with it across multiple touchpoints and channels over time. It encompasses all the interactions a customer has with a company, from browsing its website to purchasing its products or services, as well as post-purchase support and engagement.

The results

Our CX Rating service outlines how you can improve your customer experience, to drive higher conversions and increased loyalty.

Use our CX Rating as a tool to plan your optimization efforts.

You will receive:

✔️ A scoring across 12 areas of Customer Experience Excellence

✔️ A 40-60 page report with identified improvements and examples

✔️ A top 10 summary of items with the highest impact

✔️ A comprehensive walkthrough of all findings

✔️ A benchmark against your top competitors

✔️ Examples of best-in-class-experiences for every area of the report


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Why customer experience is good for business

Customers expect an easy and immersive experience wherever they shop with you. If your page doesn’t load, your product data isn’t accurate, and your payment methods are limited, shoppers will look for another store that offers the product they need.

Staying ahead of your competitors requires you to think smarter and execute faster. The specific insight on what, why, and how to deliver a great customer experience allows you to make it happen.

Why customer experience matters »

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Five reasons optimizing your CX is worth it

🎯 Boost your sales and increase your revenue

🎯 Make your customers happy with a great CX across channels and touchpoints

🎯 Reduce your churn rate and keep customers coming back for more

🎯 Drive brand loyalty and word-of-mouth marketing through happy customers

🎯 Collect valuable data via customers who are more likely to provide feedback

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CX rating FAQs

Our customer experience rating service measures and evaluates the satisfaction levels of your customers based on their interactions with your online store. It helps you understand their sentiments, identify areas for improvement, and ultimately enhance their shopping experience.

Our experts take the role of your customers and evaluate your entire customer experience and journey.

You will receive a 40-60 page report with our detailed findings, including ratings and feedback. It also includes segmentation, trend analysis, and actionable insights.

By understanding customer sentiments and pain points, you can make targeted improvements to enhance their overall experience. This leads to increased customer satisfaction, which in turn boosts retention and loyalty.

We provide benchmarking in our report, allowing you to assess how your ratings stack up against industry averages or competitors. This offers valuable context for your performance.

Pricing can vary depending on factors like the size of your business, the scope of the service, and the features included. Our customer experience rating service starts at €10,000.

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