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We have developed the Quick Launch Accelerator model by leveraging our expertise in creating award-winning ecommerce sites, our cutting-edge design, and Vaimo’s extensive experience in the ecommerce industry. This model incorporates the industry’s best practices for UX, development, and ecommerce strategy. Our MVP-based solution provides a pre-built, adaptable technology stack that enables you to promptly launch a fully operational ecommerce website and connect with your customers.

MVP stands for Minimum Viable Product, which stands for the most basic version of a product that can be launched. It encompasses all essential components but excludes anything extraneous. In ecommerce, MVP is the first fully functional version of a site, and after its initial release, development continues based by adding new features and gathering feedback.

Launch quickly and create continuous added value

  • Start selling online in just 12 weeks
    The MVP approach creates a strong foundation for further development
  • Developed based on award-winning solutions
    Over 14 years of ecommerce experience combined with best practices
  • Leverage Vaimo’s accelerators to drive technology and digital transformation
    Enable your organization to scale online business
  • Leading technology solutions as the backbone
    Best-in-class ecommerce platform and tools at your disposal
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Quick launch timeline

A low-risk way to launch

Digital transformation can feel like a big step. Compared to a traditional project approach, this method allows for a smaller initial investment to launch an online store. Instead of focusing on all the business requirements and needs, we implement an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) which makes the project low-risk. The goal is to create a solid foundation for future development.

With the MVP approach, you can launch a new online store in 12 weeks without compromising quality. Based on years of experience and using out-of-the-box thinking and best practices, we can quickly launch the online store and continue its development gradually with functionalities that add value and increase conversion rates after the launch.

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5 reasons why launching fast is a good idea

Best-of-breed technologies

Our standardization of usability and the best technology practices over the past 14 years has led us to create a platform for online stores that is ready to compete with leading companies in various industries.

We use the Adobe Commerce (Magento) platform, a part of Adobe Commerce Cloud. Magento is a leading platform in Gartner’s digital commerce quadrant. In addition to Magento, we use lightning-fast PWA headless architecture in our online store solution.

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Tailored to your business needs

Our ecommerce solution includes pre-selected technologies based on the specific features of your business.

Network and sell to your brand-loyal customers with an AI-based system. Quickly publish a customized look that matches your brand or product.

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Accelerate digital transformation by releasing products for purchase by customers around the clock. The solution is ready to be integrated with background systems and manage the entire product catalog with PIM integration.

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Accelerate your grocery retail strategy with pre-integrated payment and delivery services. A strong, pre-personalized starting point for internationalization.

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We help businesses build digital solutions and launch at record speed. Using Vaimo’s proven approach, our customers often see results in just a few months.

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