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The Challenge

Prior to working with Vaimo, Royal Unibrew had a limited eCommerce presence. The company took a traditional approach, dominated by paper catalogues and orders arriving by phone, fax, and email. When considering their future in new and existing markets, Royal Unibrew saw the potential for a digital commerce solution to better assist their B2B customers across countries and devices.

The company was looking for a mobile-friendly solution that offered shoppers personalised prices and efficient order templates. Since Royal Unibrew had a limited online presence, the eCommerce solution needed to be intuitive, easy to use, and cover all of the customer’s essential needs. Ease of use played a vital role. If customers couldn’t see the value, they would return to a traditional approach.

Royal Unibrew


Onboarding Success rate

Onboarding Success

The Solution

The Royal Unibrew eCommerce site went live in February 2020. With COVID-19 forcing many on-trade clients—cafes, restaurants and bars—to close shortly after, Royal Unibrew had to rethink its entire launch strategy. While the plan had been to focus on onboarding the on-trade clients first, Royal Unibrew instead concentrated on small retailers and convenience stores, who have readily embraced the eCommerce solution.

The company used its sales consultants to introduce its customers to the eCommerce platform and is seeing an onboarding success rate of 20%, which is significantly higher than the expected 10%.

“Vaimo really stepped up when things were the toughest and showed a lot of agility and flexibility in helping us deliver the website we needed. We managed to launch on time, which was of crucial importance to us, and that is a success we celebrate.”

Martin Halling Ørby

Head of Ecommerce DK

Future Plans

With the onboarding of existing clients successfully underway, Royal Unibrew plans to invest even more into their digital commerce solution to hit their ambitious targets for 2021.

They are currently looking to develop a mobile app with a barcode-scanner, which will further streamline the order-flow process for clients. The simpler mobile interface will provide clients with an even better user experience when ordering on their preferred device.

Royal Unibrew is preparing to roll out its eCommerce platform in more markets. They are also exploring how they can use the platform to expand to new countries more efficiently and at a lower cost.

RoyalUnibrow iPhone

The Features:

  • Advanced campaign management
  • Order templates
  • Personalised Assortments
  • Personalised Pricing
  • Personalised Marketing Content
  • Elasticsearch as a search engine
  • Real time SAP integration

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