Last week we hosted an email marketing workshop together with dotMailer at their lovely offices in London Bridge. Together with dotMailer’s email expert Gavin Laugenie our strategist Stephen Hill presented best practice advice for growth.

Stephen started off the workshop by sharing his 10 principles for persuasion applicable in eCommerce, including:

  1. Endowed Progress
  2. Sunk Cost Fallacy
  3. Appointment dynamic
  4. Cognitive load
  5. Hedonic adaptation
  6. Reciprocity principle
  7. Collective opinion
  8. Master authority
  9. Scarcity urgency
  10. Humour theory

These can all be applied by brands in order to increase conversion. Elements such as scarcity can have consumers act faster in fear of missing out on a product and collective opinion talks about when consumers see others booking the same hotel or products marked “best seller”, driving conversion on eCommerce sites.

After Stephen’s presentation, dotMailer’s Strategist Gavin presented the dotMailer annual report “Hitting the Mark”, highlighting brands that are succeeding with email marketing and areas of improvement. Attendees finished the day with a group exercise on email strategy, where they got to share best practice on a strategy for a fictional event.

To read more about psychology in eCommerce, see our whitepaper together with dotMailer on 5 of these principles!

If you want to have a look at strategies applicable to your business, get in touch with us here to speak with the our Strategy team.

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