Customer experience (CX) is becoming increasingly important in the ever changing landscape of eCommerce. In a recent study of 10,000 US consumers, Tempkin Group found that 86% of customers who’d had an excellent CX with a brand were likely to repurchase, while 77% would recommend a brand to their peers.

Consumers are faced with marketing campaigns both offline and online on a daily basis and engage with more brands than ever before. In order to convert visitors to customers, strategising with tactics on customers’ cognitive processing has proven results. To remain competitive, marketing teams should be continually optimising their campaigns with the latest data, analytics and insights into consumer attitudes.

We’ve partnered up together with dotMailer and released a whitepaper to talk about the psychology behind the customer journey. Our expert eCommerce Strategist Stephen Hill has brought up five principles of persuasion based on behavioural psychology to apply in order to drive better conversion online.

Download the whitepaper here and contact us for more information.