Vue Storefront: A future-proof frontend

Vue Storefront lets you build fast, engaging, and mobile-friendly ecommerce websites. With a mobile-first design, and robust performance, Vue Storefront ups the ante when it comes to speed and customer engagement possibilities.

With a capable frontend like Vue Storefront, you can create highly tailored and scalable ecommerce solutions optimized for SEO (search engine optimization) and accessibility. Complete your composable architecture solution with Vue Storefront, or connect your ecommerce solution to the powerful and flexible frontend framework.

We work with Vue Storefront and a handful of other industry leaders to bring you tailored composable solutions quickly and easily.

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What is Vue Storefront?

Vue Storefront is a Frontend as a Service that helps commerce companies to provide a great experience for their customers through a well-performing frontend while increasing revenue, and drastically cutting costs on development and operations.

Vue Storefront is loved by developers. It is the most popular, and fastest-growing Frontend as a Service for composable commerce. Its performance-oriented architecture combines a mobile-friendly experience and an API-driven approach that enables ecommerce to build flexible, future-proof webshops.

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Vue Storefront: Your first step towards composable from a traditional ecommerce platform

The composable approach is a great choice for many modern businesses that leverage the latest trends and tech to make their brand stand out from competitors. If that describes your business, switching to composable architecture will save you time and money.

If you currently use a traditional ecommerce platform for your online store, the easiest way to reap composable benefits is to go headless first.

  • Going headless first means you can still use your ecommerce platform. You can connect Vue Storefront’s frontend platform to any traditional ecommerce platform, including Adobe Commerce, SAP, Oracle, and HCL.
  • By changing the frontend only, you’ll be in a great place for a complete re-platform if you decide to go that route in the future.
  • With the right partners, you can easily go headless or take small steps towards a completely composable approach for your business.


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FAQs: The different editions of Vue Storefront

  • Free to use
  • Only for open-source integrations
  • Includes frontend components library
  • Includes all integrations
  • Includes frontend components library
  • Up to 100M requests per month
  • CDN
  • Multi-region deployment
  • Domain
  • 3-out-of-the-box or unlimited environments
  • Storage: 0,5 CPU for production, 0,25 CPU for non-production
  • 99,9% uptime SLA
  • Security
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Impact services
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Vue Storefront 2 Enterprise: Features

Vue Storefront is designed to create PWA storefronts, which can be accessed via a browser, installed as a standalone app on a device, and offer app-like experiences like offline mode and push notifications.

Vue Storefront is designed to work with any ecommerce platform that offers an API. It provides a platform-agnostic approach to front-end development, which means developers can choose the backend platform that best suits their needs.

Vue Storefront offers a flexible architecture that allows developers to customize the platform to their specific requirements. It supports various theming options and allows developers to add custom components and integrations.

Multi-store support allows for a single codebase to be used for multiple stores, and as a bonus, enjoy easier maintenance and scalability.

Vue Storefront’s composable architecture and API-first approach let you customize your system to fit your needs.

Vue Storefront started supporting React and Vue.js 3 projects by releasing its new JavaScript framework agnostic integrations. The new integrations are for commercetools, SAP Composable Commerce, Contentful, and Contentstack, and they support all upcoming JavaScript frameworks. Vue Storefront will gradually extend the number of JS framework agnostic integrations.

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The key benefits of Vue Storefront 2 Enterprise

Future-proof and made for growth

Discover a range of tools within an ecosystem that can function in tandem or separately, each specifically designed to tackle a unique challenge that arises while creating your ecommerce storefront.

Performance and load time

Vue Storefront employs industry best practices and tried-and-tested tools to ensure that your application runs seamlessly and efficiently, delivering optimal performance.

Faster time to market

Leverage the benefits of native integrations and pre-built features that significantly reduce your time-to-market. Take advantage of the streamlined processes that we provide to gain a competitive edge.

Customization and flexibility

Customize every UI component and complex module to align with the unique brand identity, and tailor the shopping journey to cater to the specific needs of the target audience.

Lower costs

Vue Storefront offers a cost-effective solution that enables faster time-to-market, ensuring you remain in control of your expenses.

Safety first

Vue Storefront strives for the highest levels of security, using a multithreaded approach that employs trusted tools and rigorously tested methods.

Vaimo joins the Vue Storefront FRONTiers

Vue Storefront’s “FRONTiers” initiative brings together pioneers from different organizations across the world of ecommerce. Vue Storefront considers them as their extended team in the field, helping to drive innovation with Vue Storefront’s frontend as a service offering.

Vaimo is proud to be a part of Vue Storefront’s FRONTiers.


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Vue Storefront FAQs

Vue Storefront is a Frontend as a Service that delivers custom storefronts at the fraction of cost and time, and with lightning-fast page loads to achieve better conversion rates and higher revenue. The headless, backend-agnostic, and multi-framework Vue Storefront easily connects to any ecommerce backend such as SAP Commerce Cloud, commercetools, BigCommerce, Adobe (Magento), and more. It also links to any third-party service, like a content management system, payment system, and more.

Vue Storefront provides an ecommerce frontend framework that can be paired with any ecommerce backend such as Adobe (Magento), commercetools, BigCommerce, and more.

Vue Storefront offers an open-source community edition of their frontend platform, and a paid Enterprise Edition.

While the open-source version of Vue Storefront is free, the Enterprise Edition price is available upon request.

The key features of the Vue Storefront frontend include:

  • A mobile-first approach
  • Platform-agnostic
  • Flexible customization
  • Multi-store support
  • Headless and API-first
  • Multi-framework
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Vaimo and Vue Storefront accelerate customer experiences together

Vaimo has partnered with Vue Storefront to build our clients the best headless and composable architecture commerce solutions. Vue Storefront provides the best of both worlds because you can:

1 – Go fully composable with Vue Storefront as your frontend
2 – Go headless with a classic ecommerce platform and Vue Storefront as your customizable frontend


We are ready to guide you through the whole process, from defining the roadmap to implementation.

If you’d like to know what your first steps towards composable commerce or a headless approach involve, click on the link below to speak to our specialists today.


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If you’re ready to fast-track your business into composable architecture, check out our Launchpad Composable Accelerator package. We work with Vue Storefront and a handful of other industry leaders to bring you customized composable solutions quickly and at market-competitive prices.


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