Why do I need the PIM Connector?

Migrating data manually between a PIM system and a digital commerce platform can take several hundred hours, depending on the volume of information. The manual process also carries the risk of human error. The connector revolutionizes the process and empowers businesses to migrate their product data automatically.

With the push of a button, the adapter converts your PIM data model into a commercetools project where product data will be available within minutes. The Vaimo PIM Connector is ready-to-use for your storefront, social media, dashboards, and any applications in your existing and future composable landscape.


“With more than 40 enterprise PIM projects in our portfolio, we saw a need to streamline the product data migration process. We wanted to help companies with a PIM solution save time and energy when migrating their products to their commerce engine.” Tommy Essenholm, PIM Solution Architect

The connector's main benefits:

Leverage the easy to use UI and automation01

Populates large and complex product catalogs quickly and easily—directly sync these to commercetools as Product types, Products, categories, and attributes.

Use localization features02

Conversion of measurements or translation of content to be passed to each store front in the commercetools environment allowing you to easily expand where you can sell your products around the world.

Save time and effort03

By bulk updating or using multi-select features in Akeneo and then populate those changes in commercetools.

Tailor the way product data is passed to sales channels04

That suit their specific requirements using Akeneo’s channels feature.

Set up specific user roles down to a category level05

Set approval flows and processes in order to protect the integrity of ecommerce environments and prevent costly errors.

Gain actionable insights06

Clear view of quality product data and where it needs to be improved to boost conversions on commercetools sites and any other sales channels.

Takes data from any source07

Including other ecommerce platforms, to make replatforming simple and to get the site to market faster.

Do you need the connector?

You need the connector if:
  • You already have Akeneo implemented
  • You are looking for a headless/composable architecture
  • You are looking for changing ecommerce platforms
  • You have >1000 SKUs in your store

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