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Growth & Expansion

Faced with a rapidly changing eCommerce environment, NordicaGolf wanted to find the right partners to help it scale internationally, improve the overall user-experience and grow conversion rates and sales as a result. NordicaGolf first turned to Vaimo back in 2010 given its status as one of the first omnichannel, full-service solution providers in Sweden. And most recently, Vaimo integrated Klarna in January 2019 to give NordicaGolf’s customers faster, more convenient and safer check out experiences.

NordicaGolf Magento 2 Implementation by Vaimo and Klarna Smooth Checkout
NordicaGolf Magento 2 Implementation by Vaimo and Klarna Smooth Checkout


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The Solution

Frictionless Checkout

NordicaGolf’s digital transformation began with a replatform to Magento 2 in 2017 implemented by Vaimo. With the upgrade to Magento 2, NordicaGolf was able to benefit from the platform’s robustness, scalability and out-of-the-box native functionality—all key to offering compelling experiences across touchpoints. And ever since, NordicaGolf’s focus has been on optimising the site for improved user-experiences. At the heart of this initiative is the store’s frictionless and secure check out experience, delivered by the Klarna platform. With a number of payment solution providers on the market, NordicaGolf carried out user-testing in identifying the best solution. With its high conversion, ease of use and popularity with customers, Klarna was chosen as the payment infrastructure to spearhead NordicaGolf’s growth.

Results — Klarna and Magento 2

Klarna KCO v.3 was implemented on the NordicaGolf site in January 2019 and has already led to significant improvements in conversion rates. In addition, the site has seen increases in average order value thanks both to the transformed check out experience and the overall optimisation of the site delivered by Vaimo. And with a number of features available through Klarna (mobile-optimised checkout, one-click repeat purchases and local shipping selection), average transaction times have also fallen as customers benefit from a speedier checkout process.

NordicaGolf chose Magento 2 because of its out-of-the-box functionality for improving customer experiences. And from an internal perspective, Magento 2 offered NordicaGolf the capabilities to match its expansion plans—namely, its multi-store concept for different markets, prices and taxes. With Magento 2 NordicaGolf has greater control of its site design and content for creating exceptional experiences. With the autonomy that Magento provides, NordicaGolf was able to deploy a CDN and optimise images across channels and devices. In addition to better user experiences, NordicaGolf has also reduced the weight on the site by over 40% which has increased speed and performance.


“We wanted a multistore platform that would allow us to customise each store to every local market’s demand, and Magento 2 was the obvious choice. We also needed a Magento solution partner that had the skills and knowledge to customise M2 so that customers could build their own golf clubs directly on the site. M2 is a large platform but when you partner up with a Magento specialist like Vaimo then you are in good hands!”

Peter Wilhelmsson

Co-founder, NordicaGolf

Trajectory of Success

NordicaGolf’s overall ambition is to continue on its current success trajectory by finetuning its site even further. The focus will remain on optimising every stage of the purchasing journey to increase conversion rates. The store will also be looking at its interactions with customers and how it can leverage the functionality of Magento 2 to improve its communication and engagement across channels. Having now developed a global presence, NordicaGolf intends to concentrate on its existing markets—looking at ways in which it can offer more for its customers and drive forward its success even further.

NordicaGolf Magento 2 Implementation by Vaimo and Klarna Smooth Checkout

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