Bronto recently published a report entitled “2018 Trends; Predictions from Ecommerce Marketing Experts (EU Edition),” a 12-page look at the direction that e-commerce is moving in during the upcoming year. To produce an accurate answer, Bronto sought out their own experts and leading industry thought leaders to create a forecast of trends. While the answers they received vary far and wide, all experts agree on one thing: it’s vital to build a deeper relationship with customers.

We’re happy to note that the report features input from Vaimo’s own Henrik Feld-Jakobsen, Head of Strategy, who noted that “Today, we buy on a screen. In a couple of years, Siri, Alexa and Al might be doing most of the shopping for us.”

This is what else you’ll find in this comprehensive report from Bronto:

  • The report looks at the significance of advanced emailing and how valuable it can be when utilised correctly. Merchants who communicate with customers in advanced ways are already light years ahead of those retailers who blast customers who batch emails.
  • Artificial intelligence has evolved spectacularly – the report analyses the current state, where’s it heading, and what browserless commerce will be like in 2018.
  • The report shares how technology is altering customer behaviour, and how merchants should respond to the trend when engaging with customers.
  • The report also includes data from recent consumer and ecommerce executive research.

Find the report here, and reach out to Vaimo today if you want to connect with us!